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0016478MediaMonkey 5Now Playingpublic2020-04-17 19:47
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.1Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0016478: MiniPlayer: Visual tweaks
DescriptionThere are a couple of minor issues with the mini-player that can be improved (note: I've only tested this with the Material Dark skin):

1) When the Now Playing list is disabled, the bottom right/left corners aren't transparent.

2) The 'Now Playing' icon should be changed to a 'list' icon

3) The metadata in the Player isn't left-aligned with the Stars/Seekbar

4) When the Artists & Title of a track is long, there's no way to see the full metadata + time remaining because:
a) they're all displayed on a single row
b) the width of the miniplayer can't be adjusted

I'm not sure of what the easiest way to resolve this is, but some possibilities:
a)i) Use a slightly smaller font
ii) place the time indicator to the right & left of the seekbar in a tiny font
iii) truncate the Artist(s) list (show only the first Artist + '...') so that the Title isn't obscured as much e.g.
Hannah Trigwell; Ebony Day - Hold on We're Going Home [Drake]
Hannah Trigwell...; Hold on We're Going Home [Drake]


iv) Use a two-line approach for the metadata e.g.
Title . . . . . . . (<time>)

b) Allow the width to be adjusted

I suspect that ai + aii + aiii + b would solve most cases (and avoid the complexities of aiv).
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Fixed in build2241



2020-04-05 12:13

developer   ~0057486

Items 1&2 fixed


2020-04-06 17:25

developer   ~0057498



2020-04-07 16:31

administrator   ~0057515

Verified most of the above in 2239 (only tested MD Dark skin). A couple of items remain:

3) Left-alignment of metadata is correct in most cases, but:
a) If the Artist-Title is short, then the Time/Maximize button/Close button aren't right-aligned
b) If the Artist-Title is long, then the text scrolls beyond the left margin (it goes right up to the Album art)

5) This is a nice-to-have: on hover of the buttons, it would be preferable if the 'square' around the button didn't become highlighted, but rather just the button itself would. If not trivial, then I'll create a new bug for 5.0.1.


2020-04-07 19:10

developer   ~0057519



2020-04-08 21:07

administrator   ~0057565

Tested 2240. Everything looks good--just one more issue:

6) The first time after installation that the user clicks the Now Playing button in the miniplayer, the list opens up empty!


2020-04-10 17:08

developer   ~0057578



2020-04-17 19:47

administrator   ~0057626

Verified 2241.