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0017359MMW 5Main Panelpublic2021-12-15 08:32
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.2Fixed in Version5.0.2 
Summary0017359: Average album rating is missing in album grids
DescriptionIn MM4 there was avarage album rating shown in "Show Art" views:

It is missing in MM 5.0:

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Fixed in build2514


related to 0018477 closedmichal Searching online crash with item.getRatingAsync is not function (regression 5.0.2) 
related to 0018675 closedmichal Average album rating is missing in List (by Album) view - Summary 



2021-10-20 07:49

developer   ~0065349

Fixed in build 2511. I think we could consider have this optional, as it is quite demanding to display it in grid (many requests, many images in grid)


2021-10-22 16:01

developer   ~0065439

Reopen we should increase space in Grid by few pixels (attached picture)


2021-10-22 16:02

developer   ~0065440

bug17359.jpg (102,132 bytes)   
bug17359.jpg (102,132 bytes)   


2021-10-22 17:28

developer   ~0065448

Resolving, it seems, it was some temporary problem with style files from older installation, not reproducible again.


2021-10-22 18:28

developer   ~0065451

Verified that Ratings show for Albums.

Leaving open as scroll performance is really poor. The Option to enable/disable this is needed.


2021-10-23 07:02

developer   ~0065466

As said before, grid scrolling generates bunch of debug messages (now even more with ratings), this affects performance extremely, please test performance always without DbgView.


2021-11-01 19:48

developer   ~0065626

Verified, with DebugView closed the scrolling performance is much better.

However, the Rating isn't shown till scrolling is stopped, which is fine. The problem is that it shows the same no rating as when there is actually no rating. It would be useful if there was a indication that Rating is still being calculated/loading instead of using the no rating.


2021-11-02 08:10

developer   ~0065633

Fixed in build 2514. Rating element is now hidden during reading and computing the value, so possible incorrect value is not shown during this time.


2021-11-03 22:19

developer   ~0065691

Verified 2514

Works OK, No regressions found