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0019023MediaMonkey 5Extensions frameworkpublic2022-05-25 11:30
Reporterzvezdan Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionreopened 
Target Version5.0.4Fixed in Version5.0.3 
Summary0019023: playlistRenamed and playlistMoved events needed
DescriptionI know I am talking to the wall here, since you didn't even assigned anyone to my request for the same thing back in 2013 for MM3 (, but here it is anyway.

I have several add-ons that require these events. I used some dirty tricks to overcome this in MM4, but they are not applicable in MM5 anymore.

Edit: If you ever decide to add these events, it would be nice if their handlers have two arguments. The first one is the moved/renamed playlist itself. The second argument would be:
- for playlistMoved - the old (previous) parent playlist from which it was moved out;
- for playlistRenamed - the old title.
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Fixed in build2627



2022-05-19 22:44

developer   ~0068181

Last edited: 2022-05-19 23:15

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Implemented by expanding the existing 'playlistchange' event, can be used like this:

  app.listen(app, 'playlistchange', (playlist, changeType, newValue, oldValue) => {
          if (changeType == 'title')
     + ' renamed from ' + oldValue + ' to ' + newValue);
          if (changeType == 'new_child')
     + ' has new child ' + newValue.title);
          if (changeType == 'child_removed')
     + ' -- child was removed ' + newValue.title);


2022-05-19 23:15

developer   ~0068182

Added in and merged to


2022-05-20 19:30

developer   ~0068196

Verified 2626

Tested using @Ludek example from 0019023:0068181


2022-05-21 00:29

updater   ~0068199

Thanks! I cannot test it until you release that build, but I have some observations about your implementation.

You have interesting approach from the point of the parent playlists, but I think that it would be more practical from the point of the child playlists. If my scripts want to know about a child playlist being moved, they need to wait for both 'new_child and 'child_removed' changeTypes to find out which are the old and new parents of moved playlist. It would be more simpler for scripts if you implemented just one changeType with the first argument being a child playlist (whose parent property is a new parent) and just one additional argument being the old parent.

Your implementation is also confusing in regards to the terminology. When is the 'playlistchange' event exactly fired with 'new_child' and 'child_removed' changeTypes? Is it only on drag&drop and cut/paste or is it also on adding/removing playlists? It will be very complicated for scripts if it is fired even when user or another script adds/removes playlists. However, technically speaking, it _should_ fire even in such cases since the names of these changeTypes suggest such thing.

I think instead of 'new_child' and 'child_removed' changeTypes it would be much better if you implemented just one e.g. 'parent' changeType as I suggested. In that case you would also avoid confusion when such event should fire, since 'parent' playlist cannot be 'changed' when playlists are added or removed, but only when they are moved.

Also, changeType == 'title' doesn't need the newValue argument since it is contained as a property of the playlist argument.


2022-05-22 12:55

updater   ~0068200

I just tested it and it behaves as I suspected. The event is fired for a parent playlist both when a child playlist is added/removed and when it is moved, which means that it will be difficult to differentiate what really caused that change.

The question of terminology also remains. You see, a parent node could have 'added' or 'removed' a child playlist, but it cannot have 'changed' a child playlist. However, a child playlist could have 'changed' parent playlist, as this event name implies.

Could you please add one new changeType called 'parent' with the first argument being a child playlist that is moved and the third argument (after changeType) being the old parent playlist, as I initially requested?


2022-05-23 14:47

developer   ~0068204

OK, added the 'parent' changeType, to be used like this:

app.listen(app, 'playlistchange', (playlist, changeType, newValue, oldValue) => {
     if (changeType == 'parent')
  + ' parent changed from ' + oldValue.title + ' to ' + newValue.title);

=> added in and merged to 5.0.3 SVN branch (in case there is going to be another 5.0.3 build)


2022-05-23 15:08

updater   ~0068207

Thank you very much! I am waiting for that build to test it.

I saw that changing order of tracks fires with 'tracklist' chageType, which is nice. But I also noticed that the event is fired on removing a playlist, with the first argument having the removed playlist and the changeType being undefined. Is that supposed to happen?


2022-05-24 22:30

developer   ~0068226

Verified implementation in 2627

@ludek, can you please answer and close if it will be pushed to 5.0.4?


2022-05-25 11:30

developer   ~0068228

Re the changeType for deleted playlist.
Currently for any SharedObservable descendant there is deleted property, see:
So if 'change' is fired on any object then the deleted property gives the indication whether it was deleted.
But you are true that it would be better to have it also as the param in the 'change' event handler.

So for added the 'deleted' changeType param as suggested above + added it also to any SharedObservable descendant. To be used like listen(object, 'change', (changeType) => { ... })