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0015829MMW 5Otherpublic2019-07-25 21:04
Reportermichal Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015829: Crash after merging two artists or composers by renaming
DescriptionWhen user have e.g. typo in artist/composer name, and fix it in artists/composers view, app sometimes throws "All items must have persistentID unique" error after confirming the change.
Steps To Reproduce1) open artist view, find two items representing the same artist, but with different artist name, e.g. "Alanis" and "Alanis Morissette"
2) select node "Alanis", press F2, rename it to "Alanis Morissette", enter
3) quickly select original node "Alanis Morissette" just before view is updated and artist items merged -> crash
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Fixed in build2187



2019-07-18 12:04

developer   ~0054160

Fixed in build 2187.


2019-07-25 21:04

developer   ~0054211

Verified 2187

Test Note: Michal Steps were crucial for test.