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0018052MediaMonkey 5FileMonitor / Find Missingpublic2021-06-20 18:28
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Status newResolutionopen 
Target Version5.0.2 
Summary0018052: Add Rescan Dialog: Dialog efficiency can be improved
DescriptionAdd Rescan Dialog efficiency can be improved.

Although Add/Rescan in MM5 is improvement over MM4 as it combines File Monitor and add rescan, but there is still space to improvements:

1. Columns in Add/Rescan can't be resized and weird when schedule is set for startup and continuous and user can't see full path
2. There is no way to manually add Path for add/rescan in main dialog screen, and adding even single folder takes multiple clicks where users needs to manually navigate to path (We should consider adding it to main screen)
3. Local Storage dialog also do not contain Manual ADD line unlike Network locations that when user add location manually it is added and focused in tree browser
4. Media Servers Also do not have manually add line even Devices and Services allow manually adding Media Server.
5. Sub dialogs Title is "Add folder" instead of Selected option eg. Local Storage/Network

NOTE: Implementing point 2. will make many things simpler as user could easily add single folder quickly.
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2021-06-20 18:23


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