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0006409MMW v4Playerpublic2010-12-12 04:14
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0006409: Video Playback: mode rotation is confusing
DescriptionIt's currently difficult to rotate between AA Windows / Large Video Window / Full Screen Window. At the moment, Double-clicking on the AA window causes full-screen mode to appear, and double clicking on FS mode causes AA window to appear.

1) Instead there should be a rotation i.e. double-click triggers rotation AA Window --> Large Video Window --> Full Screen Window.

2) Additionally, it could be useful to have windowing buttons on the video screen. e.g. buttons in the player (FS and maximized video modes) to:
 - switch back to MM tracklist view: [-] (minimize) button
 - switch to MM enlarged video mode: [] (maximize) button
 - close MM: [x] (close) button (only required for FS mode)
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Fixed in build1311


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2010-08-09 22:19

administrator   ~0020435

1) I disagree here, I'd say that rotation of >2 views is harder to use. I actually like the current implementation, I prefer the fast switch between two most used modes (which can be easily modified in the pop-up menu, in case user changes preferences).

2) Suppose for these buttons could be added (but their appearance would depend on skin authors).


2010-08-10 04:44

administrator   ~0020439

I suppose we can try implementing a means of easily changing the mode of the large screen (i.e. implement item 2). Then we can see if item 1 is really required--I suspect that you may be right--the problem of an unclear means of switching between modes might be better solved by _only_ giving a UI to do so in the large/full-screen windows.


2010-08-10 10:03

administrator   ~0020440

Ok, assigning item 2) to Petr.


2010-08-10 19:04

developer   ~0020441

Fixed in 1309. Added new property for custom skin buttons - Action so artist can add custom buttons calling our internal actions (like AVideoReduced, AVideoEnlarged & AVideoFullScreen).
Also i've added these video states configurable as a hotkeys.


2010-08-27 20:55

administrator   ~0020465

After discussing this with Petr, the current solution to 2) doesn't solve the problem well, since adding buttons to the player results in other issues:
a) player buttons would have to be different depending on whether audio or video is playing
b) the means of switching between modes isn't consistent (i.e. sometimes user clicks the player, sometimes the image superimposed on the video)

What I would like to see is for the buttons to appear on the _video_. i.e. transparent buttons superimposed on the video (in both regular and full-screen modes) that appear on mouseover that:
- reduce video
- enlarge video
- close MM (optional and only for full screen mode)


2010-09-08 20:49

developer   ~0020502

Fixed in 1311


2010-12-12 04:14

developer   ~0021756

Verified 1334