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0019089MediaMonkey 5Main Panelpublic2022-05-30 14:24
Reporterzvezdan Assigned To 
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Target Version5.0.4Fixed in Version5.0.4 
Summary0019089: Label and tracks for audio CD not updated when the drive is selected under the Folders node (upon inserting)
DescriptionDrives with removable discs are not working as they should. I have attached the series of screenshots showing MM5, MM4 and Windows Explorer:
1. nothing in a CD drive;
2. inserted audio CD -> MM5 doesn't show that anything changed;
3. changed node in the tree to another drive and back to CD drive -> MM5 shows tracks, but the disc label is missing;
4. restarted MM5 -> it shows tracks and the label (Audio CD);
5. removed disc -> MM5 still shows tracks and Audio CD label from the previous disc;
6. changed node to another drive and back to CD drive -> MM5 doesn't show tracks, but it still shows Audio CD label from the previous CD;
7. inserted CD-ROM disc with mp3 files -> MM5 still doesn't show files and it still shows Audio CD label from the previous CD;
8. changed node to another drive and back to CD drive -> MM5 shows files, but it still shows Audio CD label;
9. restarted MM5 -> it shows files from disc and its label.

Note that MM4 and Windows Explorer showed correctly files and disc label in all these cases.
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Fixed in build2650


related to 0019090 feedbackLudek filesystem.driveIsReady method needed 



2022-05-27 18:50

updater   ~0068308

I made it private because I didn't want for anyone to see my screenshots, but only you. But now I don't see the screenshots attached at all. Did you receive them?


2022-05-27 18:52

developer   ~0068309

I can cofirm that once the 'Audio CD' node added sub to the root node in Media Tree shows correct info after inserting the CD
=> The node is added with the Audio CD info

BUT, the same node under the Folders node fails to update the info.

WORKAROUND: Collapse the Folders node and expand it again.


2022-05-27 18:55

updater   ~0068310

MM4 and Windows Explorer don't need any workarounds for such thing. And as I mentioned such workaround helps only to refresh the tracklist, but not the label of the disk. For that you need to restart the program, which hardly could be called a workaround.


2022-05-27 18:58

developer   ~0068312

image.png (25,759 bytes)   
image.png (25,759 bytes)   


2022-05-27 18:59

developer   ~0068313

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Sure, as I wrote it is just a refresh issue under the Folders node (per my image above), to be fixed...

EDIT: For me collapsing the Folders node and re-expanding refreshes the label fine for all drives.


2022-05-27 19:23

developer   ~0068315

Re screenshots: No, I don't see any of your screenshots.
I don't think that one can attach screenshot to a private note or an private issue.
At least I can't


2022-05-27 20:01

developer   ~0068317

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Fixed in


2022-05-29 14:58

updater   ~0068323

You shouldn't change the original summary of this issue. The problem is not only with Audio CDs, but with all removable drives. I don't know if your mentioned update will have fixed it for such drives as well. I have one quite long animated screenshot proving that, I will attach it in the next post.


2022-05-29 15:09

updater   ~0068324

I forgot to include the view of the Medias table for MM4 and MM5 in the animated screenshot. I have them added as individual screenshots.

As you could see from these screenshots, MM5 has problem not only with not detecting label of a drive and files in the tracklist, but:
1. it has wrong serial number and label stored in the Medias table;
2. it has all tracks added to the same drive, even when I replaced "discs" (you should look the whole animated screenshot until the end).
2022-05-29_16-43-40.gif (4,059,408 bytes)
screenshot.20.png (20,496 bytes)   
screenshot.20.png (20,496 bytes)   
screenshot.19.png (19,770 bytes)   
screenshot.19.png (19,770 bytes)   


2022-05-30 14:24

developer   ~0068329

It all should be already fixed in

Please re-test in (once is availbale) and re-open in case you still see issues (or enter it as another issue).