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0012406MediaMonkey 4Synchronizationpublic2017-03-13 11:36
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.5 
Target Version4.1.13Fixed in Version4.1.15 
Summary0012406: Auto-Sync: Artwork isn't updated for already synced files
DescriptionMediaMonkey has always synced artwork only on file copy and not on any subsequent auto-sync (unlike all the others track/file metadata).

Workaroud is to select the files manually and use right-click -> Send to -> [Device]

We should review this behavior especially because of the automated artwork lookup functionality where users expect to have their artworks in sync.

This needs to be implemented bidirectionally (because artwork can be looked up also in MMA)
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Fixed in build1823


parent of 0013374 closedLudek MediaMonkey 4 Rescan is slow in 4.1.13 
has duplicate 0013046 closedLudek MediaMonkey 4 MMW doesn't update lost artworks during sync 
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related to 0014092 closedLudek MediaMonkey 4 Sync: Album Art isn't updated when album is named 



2016-01-04 19:56

developer   ~0043787

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Related to 0013046

For performance reasons MMW can hardly traverse all content over MTP to find which artwork is missing, but for devices with MMA installed we could implement it.
Marek indicated that MMA already has a service that empties values for lost artworks. Based on this we can quickly find which artwork needs to be (re)synced.


2016-01-25 10:41

developer   ~0043965

Marek implemented this for MMA 1.1.4 , so moving target outside of 4.1.11


2016-06-09 10:16

developer   ~0044901

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Moving target to 4.1.13 to implement this:

A) for the lost artworks in MMA (based on -- tracked as 0013046
B) for the [Library --> Device] sync (all devices including iPhones etc) -- technically it should be about adding a new mm.db.songs.artworkModified timestamp field based on which we can decide whether artwork file (or track file) needs to be re-uploaded or not.


2016-06-09 11:34

developer   ~0044905

I wonder why on some files work, I also found that Rating is not Written to tags on Sync which should be good if user uninstall and reinstall MMA where Tracks are Paired correctly and Ratings are reuploaded to MMA DB but not on Initial Scan after reinstall.


2016-06-09 13:37

developer   ~0044907

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Item A) is tracked as 0013046

Item B) implemented in build

-- USB sync updates the artwork modified in MMW for all device types (including iPods, iPhones, USB memory sticks).
-- for WiFi sync I added new XML element <upnp:MM_ArtworkModified> , i.e. for MMA to know the timestamp


2016-06-20 13:44

developer   ~0045005

Some test notes:

-- for WiFi sync it is TODO for future MMA versions (it is just "prepared" in MMW)
-- for USB sync it should work for all device types, test case:
1) auto-sync a track to device
2) Change the artwork image e.g. via Properties -> Artwork tab
3) run auto-sync again and verify that the new artwork is shown (and copied) to the device


2016-06-20 13:54

developer   ~0045006

Verified USB Sync in 1800


2016-09-22 09:59

developer   ~0045737

Note that bi-di artwork sync is tracked as 0013542


2017-01-10 15:08

developer   ~0046892

I have implemented this to MMA but the artwork still isn't updated in MMW.

1. I changed the artwork in MMW by adding another artwork and moving it to first place in list of artworks. The artwork has been updated in MMW.
2. I started Wifi sync
3. The track was on sync list with new upnp:MM_ArtworkModified timestamp.
4. Artwork was downloaded
5. It was still the same old artwork. I have verified this by browsing the URL of the artwork.


2017-01-10 16:03

developer   ~0046894

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Did you test or higher?
There was a bug with the image cache not cleared: 0013720:0046454 prior this build.

The newest 4.1.15 builds are still in beta testing, available here:


2017-01-11 07:56

developer   ~0046904

Sure, I have tested it with


2017-01-11 11:28

developer   ~0046905

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I found that (in case of Wi-Fi sync / UPnP) the artwork of another track on the album could be served.
=> Fixed in

To be confirmed that Marek tested the way not applying the artwork changes to whole album/series and another track on the album (with the old artwork still existed)


2017-01-11 16:53

developer   ~0046911

The fix confirmed by Marek via IM (I've sent him testing EXE)


2017-01-11 22:00

developer   ~0046913

Verified 1823