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0015678MediaMonkey 5Podcastspublic2019-05-17 22:51
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015678: Podcasts: Podcast Subscription context menu is incorrect
Description1. Unlike MM4 in MM5 Podcast Context menu is missing crucial options like single podcast update (Green)

2. Tagging functions are mostly non needed as it is handle in Subscription Menu eg. Properties -> Edit Subscription, Auto-Tag -> do not have feature as all info is gathered already during subscription update (Red)

3. Auto Tag/organize functions are mostly Handled in Global Podcast options. This either should be added in Subscription menu so that user can set Download location and filename mask per podcast (Red)
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Fixed in build2176



2019-05-16 23:04


bug15678.jpg (162,164 bytes)   
bug15678.jpg (162,164 bytes)   


2019-05-17 09:52

developer   ~0053547

Unified with the MM4 menu in build 2176


2019-05-17 22:51

developer   ~0053558

Verified 2176

Confimung unification with MM4 Context menu.