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0016782MediaMonkey 5Install/Configpublic2020-07-07 20:53
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0016782: Options Hotkeys: Tweaks
Description1. Deleting Hotkeys needlessly flash MM window (Video Supplied)

2. There is no Mass Edit of Hotkeys (CTR+Click, CTRL+A,... do not work)

3. There is no Do not ask on delete confirmation Dialog

4. No way to delete hotkeys using keyboard and delete key

5. There is no warning that key already exist and is assigned (Attached Image)
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Fixed in build



2020-07-03 14:59


needless flashing.mp4 (724,912 bytes)


2020-07-03 15:39


bug16782.jpg (98,420 bytes)
bug16782.jpg (98,420 bytes)


2020-07-07 20:53

administrator   ~0058804

I wouldn't consider any of these items critical for 5.0 since they're all relatively minor, and users aren't editing hotkey often.

1. Strange--I'm not seeing the flashing on my machine. I guess it's graphics card dependent.
2. Not required. Hotkey editing is a one-time task.
3. Not required. Hotkey editing is a one-time task.
4. Using the DELETE key would be useful.
5. Possible text: This hotkey is already assigned! Choose a different hotkey.