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0007981MMW v4Conversion/Levelingpublic2011-09-17 23:01
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0007981: Failed AVI --> WMV conversion / missing codec detection
DescriptionWhen attempting to convert AVI --> WMV (or ASF), the 'Missing codec' dialog appears and attempts to find the SAVI codec, even though both the codec pack (1.12 Trial) and FFdshow (x64 1.1.3871) are both installed.

-this occurred with multiple AVIs using MPEG4 and MJPEG encoding
-this previously worked on this system
-converting to MP4 works correctly!

Tested on Win7 (Michal indicated that XP/Win7 worked correctly except that conversion worked, but the missing codec dialog appears when a conversion that's proceeding is terminated, even though the codec was installed).
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Fixed in build1394


related to 0008364 closedmichal DLNA: WMV streaming doesn't seem to work 



2011-06-20 19:12



2011-06-20 19:32

administrator   ~0026246

Michal suggested clicking 'Settings' within the conversion dialog, and then clicking 'OK' on the codec settings dialog to reset the encoder settings for WMV. After doing so, conversion proceeding successfully.

Thus it appears that this failure is due to corruption in the configuration settings.


2011-06-20 22:11

administrator   ~0026251

Note: tested a clean install of MM4.1392 as follows:
1) clean install
2) installed plugin
3) attempted sync of .avi file to mtp device --> failure
4) attempted send to > convert (using default wmv profile) --> failure

In both cases (3 and 4), simply clicking 'OK' in the codec settings dialogs (for conversion and auto-conversion respectively) fixes the problem.


2011-06-21 09:06

developer   ~0026260

Fixed in build 1394. It should probably fix another situation with wrong missing codec detection here:


2011-09-17 23:01

developer   ~0027800

Verified 1433