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0016243MediaMonkey 5Burning / Disc Handlingpublic2020-06-23 20:17
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0016243: Add MusicBrainz alternative to FreeDB
DescriptionFreeDB shutdown is announced. They will be shutdown on March 31st. Though continuation of the free database guaranteed by MAGIX (that has taken the freedb.ord domain and runs the entire freedb service).

- for MM4: alternate freedb server could be used (all freedb DB is less than 1GB) :

- for MM5: We should add MusicBrainz alternative

1) MusicBraniz disc id is calculated from TOC:
2) The resulted ID is used to get list of releases:
3) The given release data are via
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Fixed in build2223


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2020-01-14 10:14

developer   ~0055838

Last edited: 2020-01-14 18:09

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I have implemented Audio CD lookups from MusicBrainz in 2220.
So far I added it as another choice to the Protocol settings of Freedb section.

I think that existing UI needs following changes:

1) Context menu action for CD node
'Get Album Info from Freedb...'
'Lookup Audio CD metadata...'

2) Progress bar text
'Requesting Freedb information for Audio CD (1 of 1)'
'Requesting information for Audio CD (1 of 1)'

3) Changes in Options
a) eliminate panel General > Network (Proxy & Freedb)
ai) "Proxy server settings" part can removed entirely from Options as I doubt that anyone ever used it, and (if I am mistaken) and someone is using it then it still can be configured by editing MediaMonkey.ini
aii) move "Freedb Settings" to Library > Metadata lookup > Audio CD (note that 'Metadata Lookup' panel might need to be divided into more sub-panels and moved to the root level -- no longer being sub-panel of Library?)

---Audio CD lookup---
Protocol: [Music Brainz, Freedb (CDDBP), Freedb (HTTP)]

I also suppose that we want to set 'Music Brainz' as default (to be well tested before the Freed is shut down)?

4) Changes to "Import Freedb Album Data" dialog (those dialog that is shown when more than one result exists)
a) dialog title "Import Freedb Album Data" => "Import Audio CD metadata"
b) "Select Album from freedb" => "Select Album metadata"

Assigned to Rusty to review suggested UI changes.


2020-01-15 05:39

administrator   ~0055866

1) looks good
2) You could just re-use the string from 1) above and append x of y. e.g. 'Lookup Audio CD metadata (1 of 1)'
3ai) Not sure about whether some users use this or not. I see that firefox still has this setting, so it might still used by some??
3aii) To keep all lookup settings on the same panel, we can make some minor changes as follows (note wording changes indicated with *):

Background metadata lookup*
[x] Artist images*
[x] Artwork* . . [ ] Update tags
[ ] Lyrics* . . [ ] Update tags
Sources: _Lyrics wiki, ...____ [Set sources]

Audio CD metadata lookup
Database*: [Music Brainz, Freedb (CDDBP), Freedb (HTTP)]


And yes, I agree that it would make sense to set MusicBrainz as the default asap.

4) The wording is fine, but we should probably modify the dialog so that it includes all of the metadata that is available via auto-tagging, including album art. Better yet, could we just use the auto-tag dialog for this purpose?


2020-01-15 12:50

developer   ~0055873

Last edited: 2020-01-15 13:04

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1) fixed in 2221
2) In true the real string in MM4 was 'Requesting Freedb information for %s (%d of %d)' and I changed it (in MM5) just to 'Requesting information for %s (%d of %d)' where %s is either "Audio CD" or media label (if already exists). So the 'Lookup Audio CD metadata' string is not usable here.
3ai) ok, I made the Network panel (with Proxy settings) just hidden for now -- and we will see (based on feedback) whether someone is missing it.
3aii) Implemented in 2221 and made the 'Music Brainz' as the default.

i) I am not sure about artwork as currently we haven't a mechanism of saving artwork for Audio CD tracks -- as artwork cannot be saved to files tag and also cannot be saved to file folder (as it is on read-only audio CD location).
We would need to save such a tracks into database at first and store the image in a temporary or user directory (like in case of artist images) and subsequently use it for tagging once the tracks are ripped (if user decided to rip them at all) ? But not sure whether populating user database by tracks of any inserted audio CD is desired by users? I guess that current mechanism of just auto-looking up the artwork in the Preview window is fine?
ii) I am also not sure whether auto-tagging dialog is usable here as this dialog is shown only when more than one result exists (at least two different releases) and user can switch between them in the top panel. So the auto-tag dialog would need to be probably just embedded into the bottom part of the dialog, right?
iii) Also, I suppose that if there is only a single match then no dialog is shown and found metadata is used automatically without a confirmation (as it always worked for freedb lookups in MM4), right?


2020-01-15 21:06

administrator   ~0055888

2) OK so we'll stick with the string you originally proposed.
4) For just playing tracks, the current auto-lookup of artwork is fine. I was thinking more about the usecase of when the user inserts and rips a CD. In that case MM should ideally automatically look up the best/most complete metadata set and save it.

Right now, the conversion dialog opens and generates a path based on whatever metadata has been loaded from FreeDB. Then the user has to subsequently tag artwork and other additional metadata. I was thinking that it would make more sense if those 2 metadata lookup steps could somehow be combined.


2020-01-17 15:51

administrator   ~0055956

Tested 2021--looks good. Remaining items:
3) Config panel issues:
b) Text: Music Brainz --> MusicBrainz
c) When changing from Freedb to MusicBrainz the position of the combo box shouldn't change
d) When testing I wondered whethr it would make more sense to just hide most of this configuration and allow lookups from multiple DBs for better coverage?
Audio CD metadata lookup
[ ] Music Brainz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Settings...
[ ] FreeDB. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Settings...

We probably don't want to spend much time on this now, but this might make sense long term.

4) LMK

5) When selecting the CD in the tree --> Album Art doesn't appear in the Preview window until the user clicks a track. It should appear as soon as the user selects the node.

6) Should the views for the CD node be the same as those for Albums (i.e. Browser view, List) instead of the views that are used for All Tracks?


2020-01-21 08:38

developer   ~0056073

Last edited: 2020-01-21 15:51

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3b, 3c) Fixed in 2222

3d) I was thinking about the same when implementing this, but then I decided to not combine the sources for several reasons
- it would force user to always confirm the source upon inserting a new CD (even when there is a single match for each source -- which is often) and would be rather bothering for users
- FreeDB is going to shut down soon -- so it is not clear whether and which freedb servers will be available then and then -- thus it makes sense use only MB by default

4) I guess that the only metadata that is not tagged after ripping is artwork and lyrics? We could automatically tag the ripped files by an artwork and lyrics, but because lyrics+artwork can be often inaccurate (especially when searching via alternate sources like Google images and various lyrics sources) then we would probably need to show kind of confirmation/tagging dialog anyway? i.e. we could show the auto-tag dialog for ripped tracks (once the CD is ripped) giving user the choice to tag the files by artwork/lyrics?

5,6) Makes sense, TBD


2020-01-21 16:26

administrator   ~0056086

3d) Makes sense

4) Sounds good (though it'll be less of an issue once 5) is resolved). We could add a CD Ripping option for this:e.g. (note: I've improved the order of the options):
[x] On the fly encoding
[x] Verify ripped tracks
[ ] Level Track Volume
[ ] Eject CD after ripping
[ ] Auto-tag files after ripping


2020-01-21 17:25

developer   ~0056090

Last edited: 2020-01-28 12:09

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5,6) are fixed in 2222
I used the "List (by Album)" as the default that looks good for Audio CDs :

4) I also see it less important now when 5/6 is fixed, so resolving.


2020-02-01 01:22

developer   ~0056469

5,6) Verified 2226

3c) As MusicBrainz is default changing setting to FreeDB Resizes ComboBox to accompany additional settings

4) I also agree completely


2020-02-26 22:41

administrator   ~0056901

Seems to be fixed (verified 2228). Re-resolving and closing.