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0015521MediaMonkey 5Main Panelpublic2019-04-17 00:28
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015521: Confusing caption upon clicking [Browse] folder button (and redundant checkboxes)
DescriptionPress top BROWSE button on Tools|Options|Downloads/Podcasts ... the path browser dbox that is opened has confusing instructions

In addition the checkboxes shouldn't be there -- as there is supposed to be only a single folder selected.
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Fixed in build2170


related to 0015532 closedpetr Directory configuration dialog optimization (auto-organize / convert ) 



2019-03-02 13:26

developer   ~0052854

Fixed in 2165


2019-03-08 15:46

administrator   ~0052914

Verified 2165, however, in doing so, I noticed that the dialog is still lacking:
- ability to create a folder (as in MM4)
- ability to choose a mask (missing in MM4)

Would it make sense to use the same 'Directory chooser' for this as is used e.g. in the Auto-organize 'configure...' button ?


2019-03-10 15:17

developer   ~0052929

ok, added the same 'Directory chooser' as in the Auto-organize, i.e. with the 'configure...' button etc.

Fixed in 2166


2019-03-16 03:08

developer   ~0052989

Directory browser still do not have New folder creation.


2019-03-16 03:08


bug15521.jpg (123,528 bytes)
bug15521.jpg (123,528 bytes)


2019-03-18 10:47

developer   ~0053003

Last edited: 2019-03-18 10:59

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1) yes, 'New folder...' button is missing, but
a) is cumbersome in MM4 and does not work as one would expect, I also doubt that this was used much
b) it is redundant, as user can easily put the new folder to the 'Main directory' path and the folder will be auto-created

2) The 'Select folder' dialog lists also 'Google Play Music' and media servers, these shouldn't be listed there!

=> 2) is fixed in 2167


2019-03-22 23:43

developer   ~0053082

Last edited: 2019-03-22 23:44

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2. Verified 2167

1. Sounds reasonable. According to b) may I suggest that "Select folder" be renamed to "Select main folder" to be more clear that user is not selecting destination folder, but main/root folder for destination mask as that way we imply b) auto creation based on destination mask?


2019-03-25 13:44

developer   ~0053093

Fixed in 2168


2019-04-12 00:13

developer   ~0053189

Verified 2168


2019-04-12 16:56

administrator   ~0053204

Now 'Select main folder' appears in other contexts where it should just indicate 'Select folder'. I'd suggest reverting this (i don't think it was confusing to begin with).


2019-04-12 19:35

developer   ~0053210

What about "Folder Selection"? It is more generic?


2019-04-15 10:39

developer   ~0053219

Reverted to 'Select folder' in 2170


2019-04-16 00:53

developer   ~0053237

Verified 2170

Close if 0015521:0053210 is not better.


2019-04-16 17:48

administrator   ~0053252

I reviewed both usecases and the current wording ('Select folder') is good (and the term 'Folder selection' doesn't offer any adwantages).


2019-04-17 00:28

developer   ~0053277

Agree, closing for now.