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0015736MediaMonkey 5Main Panelpublic2019-06-17 18:07
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015736: Auto-tag: moving dialog causes the dialog to flash non-stop and become non-responsive
Description1 Select a track to auto-tag
2 Initiate auto-tag
3 Move auto-tag dialog or sometimes just cancel out of a warning dialog
--> Auto-tag dialog flashes non-stop, and user is forced to reboot the machine (it's difficult to get focus on any other dialog in order to force-close MM)!

Crash Dialog indicated:
Callstack: Script:file:///controls/listview.js ; Func: notifyControlFocus ; Row: 1294 ; Col: 22
Script: file:///controls/control.js ; Func: undefined ; Row: 242 ; Col: 14
Crashlog ID: 0AABB0EA

I'm unable to get this to occur consistently, but on one occasion in which it occurred for auto-tagging only a single track, MM had attempted a fingerprint-based lookup and then showed a warning indicating that the lookup failed. I wonder if the crash was in someway related to this failure or to the auto-hiding warning dialog.
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Fixed in build2182



2019-06-12 16:18

administrator   ~0053802

Debug log on ftp


2019-06-13 07:58

developer   ~0053808



2019-06-17 18:07

developer   ~0053854

Verified 2182

Unable to replicate Flashes in 2182 according to steps described.

Note: Also tested on two monitor setup.