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0012675MediaMonkey 4Properties/Auto-Toolspublic2015-03-30 18:12
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1.6 
Target Version4.1.7Fixed in Version4.1.7 
Summary0012675: Album Art: Too many album arts can freeze MMW
DescriptionIn some case where music was previously handled by WMP and tracks were searched for album arts thre is possibility that MMW freeze on showing Album Art propeties.

MMW show "Please wait" while adding/scaning/showing album art in properties, but when there is 400+ album art (WMP leftovers) it seams like MMW is freezed and CANCEL do not work

This maked managing/correcting Album art almost imposible even on one file.

In MMW scan Album Art in folder needs to be enabled so that MMW pick external album arts.
Additional InformationInitially detected in TJB-804-21386 but I've seen number complaints on same issue.
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Fixed in build1738



2015-03-26 15:59

developer   ~0042338

Opening Properties > Artwork on lots of files with only 1 Artwork for all files (same embedded Artwork) can also be slow.

- A progress indicator would be nice as it would inform of how many files have been processed (it may be harder of what % of Artworks has been scanned).
- Cancel needs to be working so user can cancel the process (especially useful if Artwork tab was selected by accident).


2015-03-26 19:24

developer   ~0042341

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The freeze is fixed in, in MM5 it has been already solved better way (without a need of the cancel dialog).


2015-03-30 18:12

developer   ~0042379

Verified 1738