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0009423MediaMonkey 4Install/Configpublic2013-02-26 21:21
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0.6 
Target Version4.1Fixed in Version4.1 
Summary0009423: Portable isn't fully Portable
Description1) Install MediaMonkey as portable in C:\Software\MediaMonkey, start MediaMonkey, close MediaMonkey.

2) Then rename folder to C:\Software\zzzzz, start MediaMonkey.

Notice that C:\Software\MediaMonkey is recreated with Portable folder containing Previews and VirtualCD. Checking Settings the Temp folder points correctly to zzzzz, but the UPnP Cache folder doesn't.
Steps To ReproducePaths from ini:
WinampPath=C:\Program Files\WinAmp\WinAmp.exe
Additional InformationNote that WinAmp Path is pointing to non-existing location. Other users of forum have noted issues with Portable and drive letters, I haven't actually moved the Portable to different PC's (it's installed on local hdd).
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Fixed in build1625


related to 0008182 closedpeke plugin Portable mode: OS integration settings aren't saved and some plugins fail (MM Com Server not registered) 
related to 0009647 assignedLudek MediaMonkey 4 Paths are stored with drive letter instead of driveID in Folder Monitoring (Add/Rescan Files) 



2012-06-12 15:25

developer   ~0031353


2012-06-19 17:01

developer   ~0031401

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Custom downloads and Podcasts folders are also reset to default values after restart:


2012-06-21 15:34

administrator   ~0031436

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Note: the Virtual CD and Preview functionality can trigger error messages in MM portable, if the path to the VCD is not available when the portable drive is installed in a new machine:

“The directory H:\[…]\Portable\VirtualCD cannot be created”
“The directory H:\[…]\Portable\Previews cannot be created”

raised priority due to the error that results.


2012-06-21 17:51

administrator   ~0031440

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Note that by default, MM sets most path configs to an absolute path on the portable drive. The problems therefore result when the portable drive is installed on a different machine that assigns a different drive letter to the USB drive.

The solution is to support relative paths in the .ini file.


2012-06-21 18:47

developer   ~0031441

Fixed in 1499


2012-06-22 04:11

administrator   ~0031448

This isn't quite fixed. Issues discovered after doing a clean portable install:
1) All paths in the config are still absolute paths (e.g. K:\My Documents\VirtualCD)
2) When unplugging the USB key containing MM from PC A (where it is drive K:) to PC B (where it is drive I) --> error results re. USB drive AND Access Violation results.


2012-06-22 08:22

developer   ~0031452

Fixed in 1499.


2012-06-22 14:27

administrator   ~0031454

Verified 1499. Note that the paths are stored relatively, but display as absolute paths in the configuration screens.


2012-08-20 19:30

developer   ~0031666

UPnP cache folder is shown as relative Path in Options. This seems to result in UPnP playback failing to play files that require conversion until path is corrected.


2012-11-09 16:46

developer   ~0033036

Podcast folder is still being reset on 1509.


2013-02-02 18:10

developer   ~0034747

On 1623 Podcasts/Downloads/Temp folder all reset after start. Even setting correct drive/folder in ini has it reset on start of MediaMonkey.


2013-02-06 00:00

developer   ~0034810

Fixed in 1624


2013-02-12 16:53

developer   ~0034863

On 1624 user modified Downloads and Podcasts folder is remembered, but the General Temp folder is not.


2013-02-15 11:47

developer   ~0034953

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Fixed in build 1625 although I don't think it is good to make Podcasts/Downloads folders configurable in portable mode, because if anyone change them to another drive then they are no longer portable.
It will be harder for our support team to troubleshoot such issues.


2013-02-26 21:21

developer   ~0035131

Verified on 1625 that general temp folder also remembers user changes.