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0015991MediaMonkey 5Syncpublic2020-10-27 10:44
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015991: Sync: white-screen on large sync operation
DescriptionWhen doing large sync operations MediaMonkey often crashes with a white screen (no crashlog). In both cases it was a wifi sync initiated by MMA, with auto-conversion enabled for tracks exceeding 256Kbps, so I'm guessing it's related to conversion.

Debug logs for 2 such crashes posted to the ftp (note: debug had been running for quite some time in both cases as I was testing other things so you can ignore the beginning of both of them). Please delete them once you're done--they're quite large (or leave them if you re-assign to ludek).
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Fixed in build2203



2019-09-30 11:46

developer   ~0054893

Another crashes (or same?) mentioned as item #7 here:


2019-10-01 12:45

developer   ~0054906

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As for the Barry's crash logs (70CB7919, 83698CC4) -- these are crashes in d_WMDM.dll when finishing synchronization (removing device while syncing).
=> Fixed in 2203

As for the Rusty's debug logs.
I don't see a reason for the crash in the logs, but I noticed that in all three cases MM5 was running for 16 hours at minimum doing various actions (including the large sync).
So I wonder whether there wasn't a memory leak leading to the crash?
I suppose you did not check memory utilization before silent crash? I suppose that you don't have ELP file (crash logs) that would show it?
If you don't have any ELP, could you please initiate a large sync again and check memory utilization time from the time.
e.g. check the memory utilization after one hour of sync, then later after another hour and so on.


2019-11-01 02:07

administrator   ~0055173

Tagging as Resolved since I haven't observed this issue in some time. I'll close this bug after reverifying.


2020-10-27 10:44

developer   ~0060005

Re verified 2271

I have tried to stress test MM5 by syncing multiple devices at once for prolonged time 18h+ and couldb't observe crash.

Async is working normally and after one thread/sync is done mem usage gets back to normal.