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0015475MMW 5Tracklistpublic2022-11-18 03:42
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015475: Dynamic sorting issues
DescriptionThere are a few issues with how focus is handled when tracks in the tracklist are dynamically sorted:

e.g. sort by Album Artist in Descending order.

If a track's Album field is edited in-place (e.g. changed from aAlbum to zAlbum) , and the user presses ENTER
--> 1) The re-sort repositioning of the list isn't immediate (it seems to happen after the tag is updated)
--> 2) The position of the list fails to update correctly (see video)
(focus correctly remains on the selected track)

3) If the user is using the keyboard to TAB through fields and modify them
--> Focus is sometimes lost during the re-ordering/sorting (or worse, focus sometimes ends up on the wrong track)!
It would probably make sense to _not_ resort tracks dynamically when TABbing between fields.


4) As with case 2), there are other cases where dynamic sorting causes the user to lose context--anytime the user selects a track and edits it outside of the tracklist. e.g.
a) select a track and edit it in Properties
b) select a track and edit it in Auto-tag
--> in both cases, the track(s) get dynamically sorted and the user loses their place/context in the tracklist.

Note: for issues 3/4 Free Commander is an example of a similar app that doesn't dynamically resort in such cases.
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Fixed in build2265


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related to 0016915 closedpetr Issue with 2 instances of same song in a playlist 
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2019-02-20 21:04

developer   ~0052724

Last edited: 2019-05-09 16:23

Items 1, 3 fixed


2020-01-29 15:43

administrator   ~0056382

Verified 1&3 in build 2223. Issues 2, 4 remain open.
I've left this as 'urgent' as the issue is quite severe since it makes in-place editing quite a chore.


2020-07-30 12:28

developer   ~0059180



2020-07-31 00:22

developer   ~0059182

Verified 2262

It looks like all is fixed.

NOTE: I tested 1,3 for regressions also


2020-08-12 22:04

administrator   ~0059358

Tested 2263 and this isn't fully fixed:
2) Upon editing a field in-place:
a) the position of the list fails to update
b) focus on the selected track is lost (regression)

4) Upon editing a field in Properties, the item is re-sorted, BUT focus on the selected item is lost!

Both of these issues are demonstrated here:


2020-08-13 12:07

developer   ~0059382



2020-08-13 17:39

administrator   ~0059387

Last edited: 2020-08-13 18:20

Test note: 0013437 0014393 and 0015185 should be reverified at the same time (i.e. in 2264).


2020-08-14 21:58

administrator   ~0059407

Last edited: 2020-08-14 21:58

Tested 2264 and:
2a,b) Verified
c) If the user edits a track in-place and then clicks the track above or below
--> the view shifts to the position of the edited track and focus doesn't shift to the track that was clicked!

4) This isn't fixed. i.e. after editing the Album for a single track in Properties --> focus is removed from the track (so if the users presses the UP/DOWN arrows they are unable to quickly navigate to the edited track.


Note: items at 0015475:0059387 should be tested once these issues are fully resolved.


2020-08-19 09:05

developer   ~0059440

Item 2c fixed


2020-08-19 12:29

developer   ~0059441



2020-08-28 13:09

developer   ~0059522

Verified 2c in 2265

@Petr What is fixed state of point 4?


2020-08-28 13:43

developer   ~0059524

4a is fixed


2020-09-18 23:29

developer   ~0059609

Reminder sent to: rusty

Verified 2, 4a in 2267

Re verified for regressions 1, 3 in 2267

@Rusty please close after all related in 0015475:0059387 are retested.


2020-10-13 09:04

developer   ~0059843

Another regression caused by fixing this is 0016988


2020-12-27 14:41

developer   ~0061087

Verified 2291

Unable replicate anymore