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0006223MediaMonkey 4Otherpublic2011-07-11 02:59
Reporterstephen_plattAssigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.1 
Target Version3.2.2Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0006223: Corupted Quicktime-related crashes on certain systems
DescriptionEven in MM 3.2 there are reports of crashing and "Audio library stopped working", generally resolved by uninstalling/resinstalling Quicktime or renaming of d_iPhone.dll.

Not sure if this is fixable since the problem is potentially due to corrupt Quicktime installation, but Rusty asked for a compilation of some of the reports of this. See additional info.

I'll add any additional reports of this as I find them.
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Fixed in build


related to 0006280 feedbackrusty Include basic debug information in Non-debug installs 
related to 0006654 closedjiri Zumocast crashes MM 



2010-02-12 13:15

administrator   ~0020006

Assigning to Peke in order to find out more about how to reproduce the issue.


2010-07-29 07:51

administrator   ~0020390

Peke, any news on this? I wonder whether trying to somehow corrupt QT (delete some of its components, some registry values, etc.) would reproduce the issue?


2010-07-31 21:09

developer   ~0020411

I tried anything to block MM out again on Jiri request, tried in win 7 x64, win 7 x86. using XP mode there is no way to replicate the issue. On my side the only thing I made is that MM refused to play M4A due corrupted QT.

It also managed to lock MM while i had replaced QT libraries with older one, but that also locked any other player on system. I'm guessing that something must be wrong with Apple Mobile Device drivers installed with iTunes and that in some point somehow after uninstall of driver there were leftovers from connected/registered device in Registry and system DLLs that MM detects and tries to load that then silently do not load/locks in loop without notifying dependent libraries (d_iphone.dll) that it is in loop, which then pot d_iphone in freeze waiting response from loading plugins.

I'm not sure what can we do more even we add more debugging msgs for a each step of loading depending Apple libraries while initializing iphone plugin.

I set it as suspended until we get more info.


2010-09-08 20:36

administrator   ~0020500

Setting to Open--this issue is still occuring fairly often.


2011-07-11 00:14

developer   ~0026694

I didn't see much reports recently please if that is still issue?


2011-07-11 02:58

developer   ~0026706

No recent reports and we already have several well documented workarounds, along with our codec pack.