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0015811MMW 5Main Panel: Toolbars & Menuspublic2019-07-10 22:16
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015811: Add/Rescan: Issues with manual input of network locations
DescriptionAdd Network Location dialog do not allow manual input of network path to add scan folder, but it must be browsed.

1. like in MM4 that path is added which would allow user to manually add several direct paths instead of navigating to them
2. on Add press that dialog update Browsing path to that folder and select it
Steps To Reproduce1. File -> Add/rescan
2. Add Location -> Network
3. Paste direct location path into path edit line eg. \\\Multimedia\Music\
4. Press ADD -> Nothing Happen
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Fixed in build2186



2019-06-29 08:59

developer   ~0054011

In the step 3 when I paste the \\\Multimedia\Music\ into the line and click [Add] button
=> the node \\\ is added to the tree in the step 4 and I can browse it.

So you probably already have the node \\\ in the list therefore it is not re-added, but I guess that the \\\ is browseable in the tree, isn't it?


2019-06-30 01:10

developer   ~0054019

Yes, \\\ is already available as I have musics from \\\Downloads\Temp\ in library, as noted in description and by you after manually add you still need to browse path in order to add folder.

I see few solution options:
a) On ADD press either Add path in Browser (Like MM4 + check for path access)
b) Execute Add -> OK -> add manual path to scan dialog
c) expand browse tree to eneter path and check select it/focus


2019-07-05 10:19

developer   ~0054090

Last edited: 2019-07-05 13:06

OK, I guess that c) should work.
i.e. it should auto-expand the existing \\\ node to the \\\Multimedia\Music\ and check the node

Note that in MM4 this does not work either, when I added \\\music\ then it is shown in the tree, but not expandable. I needed to add \\\ at first, try to expand it, then enter credentials and then also expanding \\\music\ worked.


2019-07-05 13:10

developer   ~0054091

Fixed in 2186


2019-07-10 22:16

developer   ~0054127

Verified 2186

Perfect c) solution works better than expected

Re MM4: it was always worked like that, I usually simply press ADD -> OK