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0007253MMW v4Playlist / Searchpublic2011-03-10 22:48
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0007253: 1345: Search issues
Description1) Search node isn't expanded to show the current search when searching (Entire Library)

2) I was able to right click on a search node that wasn't selected without selecting it. Many of the options in the context menu like Remove were disabled.
a) Select some non-search node
b) Click in Quick Search textbox or click a track in a non-search node
c) Right click on an empty (no results) search result node

3) Remove search node can remove NP track
a) Go to a Non-Search node
b) Select a track in the Now Playing window
c) Right click on the Search node has options enabled
d) but Remove attempts to remove NP track instead of Search node

4) When removing searches from Search node leaving it empty it still shows, I think it might be nice it auto-hides when it has no searches and isn't selected.
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Fixed in build1349


related to 0005041 new right click on tree node show it's content in library 
related to 0006529 new Right-click on nodes selects content, interfering with 'Open in new tab' function 
related to 0007480 closedLudek Clicking search bar should highlight all text 



2011-01-29 02:16

developer   ~0022695

Last edited: 2011-01-29 02:17

Petr, seems to be all regressions related to recent changes.

2&3 most probably caused by VirtualTree package upgrade as it works fine in 1343


2011-02-06 18:28

developer   ~0022848

5) Clicking on search box no longer selects contents (Regression). Before 1346 clicking on the search box in the search toolbar would highlight the contents thus allowing user to Enter to search again or type to replace query.


2011-02-08 15:56

developer   ~0022914

Items 2&3 fixed in 1347


2011-02-09 16:33

developer   ~0022931

Items 1&4 fixed in build 1349.
Item 5 not reproduced here (Win XP, skinless)


2011-02-09 16:39

developer   ~0022932

5) It happens when the mouse converts to a text icon (I) which happens in the upper 3/4's of the textbox. In the lower part of the textbox the mouse icon is the regular pointer and when click there it selects the whole text.


2011-02-09 16:43

developer   ~0022933

Last edited: 2011-02-09 16:44

6) Current Selection search is available in the Now Playing node, but doesn't work (it's doing a type to jump to item search). Based on Track Browser being disabled I assume Current Selection should be disabled in Now Playing node. (


2011-02-16 20:57

developer   ~0023178

1 & 4 Verified in 1349.

7) It seems that at startup when you do a search the Search shows in the Search node (single search and entry), but auto-disappears. It seems that scanning of Portable Devices is triggering this (maybe a tree refresh issue).


2011-02-28 13:56

developer   ~0023450

Last edited: 2011-02-28 14:10

5) I couldn't repro, because it seems to be related to skinned version only

6) Works fine for me according to 0003506 , also noted here 0005610

7) I cannot reproduce


2011-03-07 19:48

administrator   ~0023593

Resolving since all issues have been fixed with the exception of 5) which has been migrated to its own bug at 0007480, and 7) which isn't reproducible.


2011-03-10 22:48

developer   ~0023646

Re verified/confirm all resolved in 1352