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0017276MediaMonkey 5Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filterspublic2021-10-22 18:15
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.2Fixed in Version5.0.2 
Summary0017276: Search mode options counterintuitive
DescriptionHaving 'Respect Diacritics' (less flexible) combined with 'Match within words' (more flexible) seems counterintuitive. Also the option match within words would seem to counter the Search whole words only option.

I assume the search mode settings are set on speed instead of user search flexibility.
Steps To ReproduceIt might be better to have:

[Checkbox] Search Whole words
when disabled a sub-option dropdown becomes available:
  xx Matching beginning of words
  xx Match within words

Independent dropdown for:
 x Ignore diacritics
 x Respect diacritics
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Fixed in build2511


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2021-01-13 18:52

developer   ~0061313

You are right that combination of "Search whole words only" and "Match within words" does not make any sense.
I guess we should just hide (or disable) the "Search whole words only" checkbox whenever the "Match within words" is enabled, as actually it is ignored anyway.


2021-01-13 18:57

developer   ~0061314

Last edited: 2021-01-13 19:00

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ok, I refreshed the browser and seeing your new comments in "Steps to repro" section.
The problem is that currently we cannot ignore diacriticts and search within words as we are using FTS engine that can search only prefixes while ignoring the diacritics.

So the 5.0 solution would be to disable the '[x] Search whole words only' checkbox whenever the "Respect diacritics / Match within words" is selected
And moving the '[ ] Search whole words only' checkbox below the 'Search mode' dropdown -- so that's clear it is sub-option


2021-01-13 19:12

developer   ~0061315

Last edited: 2021-01-13 21:39

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As for the current UI confusion, another solution could be that once the '[x] Search whole words only' checkbox is checked then the dropdown text would change from
'Ignore diacritics / match beginning of words'
to just
'Ignore diacritics'


2021-01-13 21:37

developer   ~0061319

Last edited: 2021-01-13 21:38

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Fixed in 2294 by moving the checkbox below the dropdown and make it enabled just when the first choice is seleted.

Search mode: ['Ignore diacritics / match beginning of words (faster)'^]
-- '[ ] Search whole words only'


2021-01-14 20:33

developer   ~0061331

Verified on 2294, documentation updated.


2021-01-18 15:32

developer   ~0061415

FYI: Whole words searching in 'Respect diacritics' mode was added in 2296 (in course of 0017395), so the '[ ] Search whole words only' is no longer disabled in that mode


2021-10-14 15:46

developer   ~0065205

Last edited: 2021-10-14 15:46

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Re-opened to implement what I have originaly suggested in my note 0017276:0061315 to prevent from confusion

i.e. once the '[x] Search whole words only' checkbox is checked then the dropdown text would change from
'Ignore diacritics / match beginning of words'
to just
'Ignore diacritics'


2021-10-14 15:57

administrator   ~0065207

Last edited: 2021-10-14 15:58

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Per discussion, the following approach would make most sense--a single combo-box with:
1) Ignore diacritics / Match beginning of words (faster)
2) Ignore diacritics / Search whole words only (faster)
3) Respect diacritics / Match within words
4) Respect diacritics / Search whole words only


2021-10-14 19:57

developer   ~0065211

Last edited: 2021-10-14 20:08

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Note that we sould also move this combo box at the top as it applies for both contextual and global search types. Just searching track entities fails to "match within words" (while it works fine for others entities like album/artist/genre/etc.)
i.e. "match within words" needs to be implmeneted also for tracklist contextual search

EDIT: This was entered by Rusty as 0018425


2021-10-17 19:15

developer   ~0065274

Fixed in 2511


2021-10-22 18:15

developer   ~0065450

Verified changes in Options on 2511.