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0014949MediaMonkey (current)Framework: Taggingpublic2018-07-09 14:08
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1.21 
Target Version4.1.22Fixed in Version4.1.21 
Summary0014949: Tagging fails FLAC (regression)
DescriptionMediaMonkey can fail to tag Artwork on occasion with FLAC files. Only seen on 4.1.21.
Steps To ReproduceArtwork logs are attempt to embed Artwork (fails).
Tagging log shows a lot of weirdness going on. First it covers tagging Genre & Rating, then dragging a copy of 1 of the files to NP (no tags whatsoever and then an attempt to scan a folder with a copy (no import happens).
TagsNo tags attached.
Fixed in build1874


related to 0014922 resolvedmichal MediaMonkey 5 Slow parsing of AIFF files. 
related to 0014192 closedmichal MediaMonkey (current) Tagging: Tagging Files with large Album Art can freeze MMW and Whole System 



2018-07-05 16:41


MM4 Artwork fails to save.LOG (168,122 bytes)
MM4 Artwork fails to save2.LOG (219,751 bytes)


2018-07-05 16:55


MM4 Tagging fails.LOG (224,104 bytes)


2018-07-06 08:03

developer   ~0050709

Reproduced even more serious problem. It seems to damage files sometimes.


2018-07-06 10:00

developer   ~0050710

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Fixed in build 1874. It was related to tagging FLAC files, which already contained artworks larger than approx. 127kB.


2018-07-08 14:08

developer   ~0050722

Verified 1874 after clarification by Michal in thread, as it was not clear about relation to 0014192 and large album arts.

Now complete testing are done no file corruption happen in test sample of 2000 of tracks with multiple Album Arts size 1-2MB