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0018000MediaMonkey 5Extensionspublic2021-07-27 22:21
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.1Fixed in Version5.0.1 
Summary0018000: Scripting: Remote controling of MM5
DescriptionCurrently there are limited ways how to remote control MM5 from other applications/addons

- DevTools protocol can be used only with localhost and is rather hacky
- COM objects are not cross-platform
- web app uses serialized JSON to send request to MM5 media server, but currently does not seem to work anymore

Based on discussion with devs we could add another type of request (to our media server) that can be listened by addons to execute JS code per their needs.
Security is up on the addons devs (which code they execute on which http requests)
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Fixed in build2414



2021-06-08 13:55

developer   ~0063811

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As discussed offline: I'll prepare a sample addon that can receive requests (via our media server) and add it to sampleAddons

Moving target so that this gets into 5.0.1


2021-06-09 14:03

developer   ~0063856

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Implemented and added sample to /sampleScripts/remoteControl/

It demonstrates how to catch POST request to our media server (see IP:Port in Options > Media Sharing)

Currently it accepts only POST requests including MMCustomRequest in the request header and valid JSON as request body

The testing request available at:

It can response also with "async result", more in the sample code.


2021-07-27 22:21

developer   ~0064309

Closing, sample scripts works as designed and user using this approach confirms implementation.