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0015939MediaMonkey 5Track Browserpublic2019-09-19 13:44
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015939: Double-click of thumbnails in grid views opens pop-up
DescriptionThis causes the pop-up to always open:
1 Navigate to Genres
2 Double-click Genre-Name
--> GenreName view opens
3 Press BACK
--> Genres view appears but Genre-Name popup is open!!

Note: this affect Artists, Albums, Composers, etc. (ie. double-clicking any thumbnail in a grid view).

This causes the pop-up to sometimes open:
1 Navigate to Genres
2 Double-click Genre-Name
--> GenreName pop-up opens

Note: this can occur when double-clicking Artists, Albums, Composers, etc. thumbnails in any view.
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Fixed in build2198


related to 0015943 closedmichal Double-clicking item in grid sometimes does not trigger double-click action. 



2019-09-11 14:20

developer   ~0054592

I guess that the issue is that pop-up seems opened on mouse down (instead of single-click) ? So it is opened also in case of double-click.


2019-09-11 14:29

developer   ~0054593

Related issue to look into:


2019-09-13 14:35

developer   ~0054631

No, popup opens on click. But click is always called before double-click.


2019-09-13 16:34

developer   ~0054632

Last edited: 2019-09-13 16:38

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Original issue fixed in build 2197. Note, it still start opening popup, because during first click it does not know, whether second click will follow. And postponing leads to look like laggy app. response, that does not feel good. But popup should be closed immediately now.

Issue from forum seems to be different issue, when double-click event does not occur sometimes for some unknown reason, will be solved separately as 0015943


2019-09-13 19:10

administrator   ~0054637

Tested 2197 and the fix seems to work.

I'm still not happy with how double-click will often initially trigger single-click behavior prior to initiating the double-click. If double-click in Explorer can open a file without triggering the single-click (in-place edit) behavior, why can't we do the same here?


2019-09-13 19:15

developer   ~0054639

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Rusty: as I wrote above, it looks very laggy. You click and have to wait about 0.5s for opening the popup (it seems, Explorer also waits such time). We were trying this in the past, but the feeling was like the application is very slow.


2019-09-14 15:55

developer   ~0054646

Fixed in build 2198. It showed up, that 0015943 was caused by opening popup after the first click. So I really added some waiting for the second click of double-click, so currently popups will open slightly later. Hopefully it won't look so bad.


2019-09-18 01:12

developer   ~0054670

Verified 2198

double-clicking any thumbnail in a grid view for available views with Grid view works, as pointed single click is bit delayed.

For me it works OK, can you confirm if delay timings are OK, maybe it can be lowered bit more.


2019-09-19 13:43

administrator   ~0054707

The fix seems good to me. Re-resolving and closing.