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0008151MMW v4Synchronizationpublic2011-08-28 21:44
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0008151: Sync halts when failing to copy a file
DescriptionSyncing to a SD card on a USB card reader using USBMass the sync stops when failing to copy a file.
1) There seems no reason this file fails to copy as it plays fine
2) Sync shouldn't stop when 1 file fails
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Fixed in build1420


related to 0008148 closedLudek Sync fails when path exceeds FS capabilities 
related to 0008083 closedjiri Sync via USB MS / WMDM: Playlists with '/' in title fail to sync 



2011-07-14 18:07

administrator   ~0026821

My guess is that it's related to fix to 0008063.


2011-07-14 23:35

administrator   ~0026843

Note: other examples where this occurs are described in 0008148 and 0008083. I think that in all of these cases, a single such failure shouldn't halt the sync operation completely.


2011-07-15 11:05

developer   ~0026849

Last edited: 2011-07-15 11:08

I analyzed the log and it seems that the synchronization finishes at 31 sec. after

Failed auto-conversion of \\lowlander01\Qmultimedia\Music\A\Adelitas Way\[2009] Adelitas Way\Adelitas Way - 05 - Hate Love.flac

Could you upload the file and your device profile (MMDC) so that I could import your Auto-conversion settings?


2011-07-16 20:21

developer   ~0026874

Last edited: 2011-07-16 20:44

I analyzed the debug5.log and I am wondering:
1. There was warning "There isn't enough space on the device to synchronize selected files. Would you like to continue?"
- Are you sure that it wasn't the reason why the copying was terminated?
2. There seem to be 2 files to sync
\\lowlander01\Qmultimedia\Music\A\Abba\[1977] Abba The Album\Abba - 07 - Thank You For The Music.mp3
that is for some reason copied to C:\Abba - 07 - Thank You For The Music.mp3 and then removed (probably because of saving AA to file tags, but it should be in the temp dir)
and the second file
\\lowlander01\Qmultimedia\Music\V\Various Artists\[2009] The Rough Guide To Gypsy Music\Acquaragia Drom - 01-09 - Rom Kaffe.flac
is auto-converted to another FLAC in the temp dir.
I guess that this file failed to copy?

Strange thing is that the debug log is missing some messages like:
 'Copy to Device: Track is about to be converted' and 'Copy to Device: Copying'
Are you sure you started DbgView before MM?

The MyDeviceProfile.mmdc cannot be downloaded and the 'Adelitas Way - 05 - Hate Love.flac' is successfuly converted to MP3 in my case so I don't understand why it failed to auto-convert before.

Please ensure that you have plenty space on your device, start DbgView, start MM, write down the exact steps (what you are doing and what failed) and attach the debug log. Thx.


2011-08-16 18:17

developer   ~0027226

- I'm syncing a list larger than device capacity. My actual testing was to see if MM4 can finally sync to device capacity when conversions are done (ie FLAC to MP3). So far this seems to not work, but then I ran into this issue.
- Device profile should be downloadable now
- I added the file Acquaragia Drom - 01-09 - Rom Kaffe.flac as well
- I will try retesting, although library has changed since then


2011-08-16 19:37

developer   ~0027229

The important bug I'm looking to see fixed is that sync halts on failure and doesn't just skip the failed file to continue with remaining.

- Debug1: sync to empty device, fail on Aaron Shust track
- Debug2: sync to device populated in debug1, fails on Abba track
- A second attempt failed on same track again
- Debug3: sync of just failed Abba track to empty device succeeded
- Debug4: (1) sync to device populated by debug3, fail on Aaron Shust track. (2) restart sync, fails on other abba song. (3) restart sync, fails on same abba song. (4) restart sync with just failed Abba song to sync (canceled deletion of files not on sync list), fails on same abba song.
- Debug5: Sync with just failed Abba song to sync (canceled deletion of files not on sync list), fails on same abba song.
- Debug6: Sync with just failed Abba song to sync (Okayed deletion of files not on sync list), fails on same abba song. Found 0 byte MP3 copy of Abba song on device.

In none of these logs there is anything left in the temp folder


2011-08-16 19:46

developer   ~0027232

This 0 byte file is not deletable. But renaming it allowed MediaMonkey to sync the Abba song (debug7). Also note that this failed abba song does not get converted as it already is an MP3 file (only non-MP3 files get converted).


2011-08-17 10:55

developer   ~0027240

Thanks for the detailed info and logs, Martin.

Fixed in build 1420.


2011-08-25 21:31

developer   ~0027356

Testing on 1423:
1) Sync doesn't get interrupted by error, good
2) It seems (log should show more) that after first sync error all subsequent tracks will end with sync error, thus no tracks are synced anymore
3) Sync is syncing sorted on Artist whereas AutoPlaylist is Random. This is causing problems with getting a random set of tracks on to device filling device to capacity
4) Users should be able to save Error window log to a file. It can be saved to a Playlist, but this doesn't contain the error information.


2011-08-26 11:49

developer   ~0027368

Last edited: 2011-08-26 11:49

2) I see from the log, that copying to C:\Abba - 07 - Two For The Price Of One.mp3
 failed and after that all the tracks failed to copy too. Looks like a drive access problem though, I guess that you are not even able to copy it by using another program?
3) This has been already discussed as item 7) here:
4) You could take screenshot if you want, saving the log to a file could be nice, but I guess that it doesn't give much information anyway.


2011-08-26 20:14

developer   ~0027375

2) I tried again (debug2) and failed, then took the same files and converted them to the device (debug3, debug4). Could the problem possibly lie with the destination drive (during debug3 which was a conversion not sync a Windows Delayed write fail came up)? Would the log show that or does it show issues with source?
- debug5, it fails again at the exact same point when starting with empty device. Subsequent syncs of a) saved playlist of failed tracks and b) a completely different playlist also fail. MM seems to be creating 2 temp files presumably of first files to sync (so it seems to have access to source), but no files end up on device. Syncing the same list again but now allowing the removal of files not on sync list does sync files to the device.
3) That doesn't really discuss the issue as it's more about the free space issue and the item was left unresolved. The problem here is that there seems to be no way to get a random subset from a Playlist on to the Device filling it to capacity.
4) First the log should be integrated with general log: Secondly it could be more informative indicating if it wasn't available from source, failed to convert or failed to be saved on destination. For now a Save Log button that would save the file as text file would be sufficient.
5) When converting MediaMonkey warned about not enough free space in temp directory (not sure why) and Cancel converted anyway (debug3, free space.png). It also analyzed the volume when tracks already have volume analyzed (level volume was enabled in conversion options). I cleared some files and empty MediaMonkey image and UPnP cache and the warning didn't come up (debug4).


2011-08-28 12:45

developer   ~0027387

Last edited: 2011-08-28 12:47

Re 2) there seems to be problem with the destination drive, what is the drive? It simply cannot copy to the destination file sometimes for whatever reason, I suspect that it sometimes fails to copy (because of a drive access problem) and then it creates the 0 KB long file ghost that cannot be re-written or deleted on the next sync. I guess that if you would try to delete the ghost by windows explorer that it aslo doesn't work? i.e. if MM cannot copy to the destination location then you also cannot copy to the destination by using any app, right?

Re) 3) OK, added as 0008304

Re) 4) As I have already written, saving the log to a file could be nice, but I guess that it doesn't give much information anyway, because it is just a log that should inform user about a problem (in addition user can take a screenshot if he wants). It isn't a log that would give us any information why it is happenging (we need to review debug log in such a sitiuation anyway).

Re) 5) If it inform you warned you about not enough free space in temp directory then you most probably haven't anough free space in the temp dir?


2011-08-28 17:54

developer   ~0027389

2) It's a SD flash card, I guess the ticket can be closed unless this issue occurs with other drive/portable device.

3) Thanks

4) It would be for user, and as stated it would be more useful if log has more specific information. IE instead of failed it could indicate if source/conversion/destination are the problem (in my case it would have stated destination which would have saved a lot of time). Saving this information would allow the user to use it for further sync troubleshooting.

5) The drive of the temp dir had 1.29 GB free while the sync list was only 163MB. Also the temp dir has no user settable limit only the UPnP temp dir does? My main concern is that I'd have expected Cancel to actually cancel the sync.


2011-08-28 21:42

developer   ~0027392

Last edited: 2011-08-28 21:44

2) OK, closing.
4) Could be entered as a lower priority issue.
5) It is fixed in build 1424 (actually it was bug, the temp dir free space warning should be shown only in cese of ripping when level volume per album is enabled and MM needs to rip all tracks to WAV beforhand in order to calculate the album gain)