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0014429MediaMonkey 5Main Panelpublic2020-12-22 22:50
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0014429: Drag and Drop to another app fails
DescriptionSelection of a track and then drag and drop to another app such as Skype (for sending) fails.

In contrast, this works fine using Explorer.
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Fixed in build2291


related to 0016000 closedpetr Copy & Paste of files problems 
related to 0014597 assignedpetr Drag and Drop: D&D do not work from MMW now playing to Skype chat Window 
related to 0015287 feedbackpetr Drag&Drop improvements (Internal to MediaMonkey) 
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child of 0016545 closedpetr File Operation: Basic Drag and Drop, Copy/Paste issues in MM5 



2017-12-14 22:07

developer   ~0049417

For skype just URL text is supported (same as when trying to drop image from chrome to skype).


2017-12-18 16:31

developer   ~0049423

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Re-opened, the fix (SVN revision 30334) caused regressions.
e.g. D&D in Now Playing doesn't work anymore.


2017-12-18 23:25

developer   ~0049432



2018-01-01 14:00

developer   ~0049467

Just as reference, Image editors uses different approach as you can Copy non saved/selected parts of image in XNView/GIMP/PhotoShop/HyperSnap/.... and paste/DragAndDrop it in Skype


2018-03-06 23:56

developer   ~0049688

Still not working.

Also if MM5 Window is not in Focus Drag and Drop can't be initiated unless user firstly put MM5 to focus and then Drag and drop.

Video is uploaded to FTP.


2018-03-07 00:57

developer   ~0049690

Drag and Drop from Total Commander to Now playing also do not work


2018-03-08 11:58

developer   ~0049696

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D&D from Explorer/TC to NP fixed. Image editors can use their own D&D code, but we're using chromium so it's limited to 'browser' restrictions.


2018-07-19 21:43

developer   ~0050790

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Further D&D issues reported as items 17-19 here:


2019-01-04 21:17

administrator   ~0051941

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I've elaborated on this issues below and raised the priority:

17) [Reported by user] Tried to drag & drop a track from MM5 to Rekordbox/Mp3tag and it didn't work. (works in MM4)
Note from Rusty: When I try to drag and drop a single track from MM5's tracklist to FreeCommander, it works as expected. However, when I try to drag and drop multiple tracks, only the last track is copied.

17b) Reported by Rusty: Copy and Paste (single track or multiple tracks) from MM5's tracklist to FreeCommander OR Skype fails.

18) [Reported by user] Move a file by drag & drop into a folder from left Tree View list. (works is MM4)

19) [Reported by user] If i try to drag & drop a track from explorer into another program and MM5 is opened in the background, the operations trigger a "down" infinite scroll in MM5 and the only measure is to exit the program.

Added by Rusty: a similar problem is that if the user attempts to drag a track(s) from MM5 to Explorer, as the track is dragged into Explorer, the MM5 tracklist continues to scroll even after the cursor has exited MM5, causing the user to lose his/her position in the tracklist.


2020-07-17 19:19

developer   ~0059000

17b) It also do not work with VLC User report


2020-12-16 23:03

administrator   ~0060845

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To elaborate on problems with drag and drop _into_ MediaMonkey:
20) a) D&D into Now Playing works correctly
b) D&D across a view that allows files to be dropped into it (e.g. an Album view) and then into Now Playing
--> the view gets frozen
examples in which this can occur:
Drag across Playing Panel Element and then NP view
Drag across AlbumName [list] view and then Playing panel element
Drag across GenreName [list] view and then Playing panel element



2020-12-21 06:14

administrator   ~0060976

And, not to forget, the originally reported issue of dragging from MediaMonkey to other apps (e.g. to Skype, Audacity) is still failing (whether for one track or more).


2020-12-22 15:08

developer   ~0061034

20b fixed ... other D&D issues in 0016545.


2020-12-22 22:50

administrator   ~0061051

Verified 20b. Closing since the d&d to another app issue is now being tracked at 0016545.