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0015884MediaMonkey 5Track Browserpublic2020-06-03 21:12
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015884: Pasting to an empty directory fails
DescriptionIf the user selects and copies a bunch of files in MM5 and then navigates to an empty folder:
a) there's no context menu to allow the user to paste the files
b) CTRL-V has no effect

There is a workaround, but it's limited to users using the Tree: Open the tree and right-click > Paste on the destination directory.
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Fixed in build2255


related to 0014429 closedpetr Drag and Drop to another app fails 
related to 0016000 closedpetr Copy & Paste of files problems 
related to 0016257 closedLudek Copy / Paste keyboard shortcuts don't work for playlists 
related to 0016684 closedpetr Clipboard is blocked for 5 seconds after context menu (or dialog) usage 
related to 0016545 closedpetr File Operation: Basic Drag and Drop, Copy/Paste issues in MM5 



2019-08-22 15:05

developer   ~0054405



2019-08-29 13:21

administrator   ~0054454

This isn't working correctly for me in build 2193-A
1 Go to Music > Artist > ArtistName [Browser View]
2 Select 2 tracks from the List view and CTRL-C
3 Go to Home > Folders > NearEmptyDirectory
4 Right-click in empty space
--> no context command appears allowing the tracks to be pasted!!
5 CTRL-V to paste the tracks
--> Nothing happens most of the time!!
6 Trigger a refresh of the Folder view by exiting the folder and then going back to it
--> The track appears (most of the time)

I wonder, though, if the first issue is somehow related to the DB problems at 0015914 since if I use the recursive folders function, it results in a crash. i.e.:
1 Go to Music > Artist > ArtistName [Browser View]
2 Select 2 tracks from the List view and CTRL-C
3 Go to Home > Folders > NearEmptyDirectory (All)
--> Crash
Crashlog ID: 7CC8812F


2019-08-29 13:22


bug-15884_build-2193A.7z (738,114 bytes)


2019-08-29 14:14

developer   ~0054456

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Note that 7CC8812F is flase positive assertion in the internal updated build sent to Rusty (there was a bug in the new debug code)


2020-01-22 19:27

administrator   ~0056119

Retested in 2221 and this still isn't resolved for me. There's no longer a crash, but right click in Folders > Path > Empty directory still doesn't show a context menu AND CTRL-V has no effect.


2020-06-01 21:27

developer   ~0058400

Fixed in 2255


2020-06-01 21:39

developer   ~0058401

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Re-opened, while it works there are some random issues:

1) 'Paste Ctrl+V' context menu item is often disabled on initial right-click of the empty area
Workaround 1: wait several seconds before the right-click
Workaround 2: right-click the empty area again and the Paste item gets enabled immediatelly

2) updates under the Folders node takes several seconds and the updates are often somehow broken until user navigates to the folder again (or F5 is pressed)
Namely it duplicates the already existing tracks instead of showing the new one (until F5 is pressed), the same issue happens when using D&D, to be figured out what is going on...


2020-06-02 13:20

developer   ~0058407

Last edited: 2020-06-03 11:54

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1) is tracked as 0016684

2) Fixed in 2255


2020-06-03 21:12

administrator   ~0058424

Verified both CTRL-V and Context Menu > Paste (other than the delayed appearance of context menu entries) in 2255.