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0017124MediaMonkey 5Reportspublic2020-11-28 11:47
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.1Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0017124: Statistics report does not count songs played outside of MM
DescriptionAs found by user here:

"I listened to a couple of albums on my iphone and synced back adjusted the play counts correctly however when I create reports (statistics) those album I listened to on my iphone are not appearing on the report although play count is correct in MM history. Assuming the information is different from MM history vs database?"

Analyzing it and looking into the code: Technically the Statistics script takes data from the Played table in MM.DB, but MM writes to the Played table only when a file is played in MM (or via DLNA) and knows the play date, but when the file is listened on a device then only Songs.PlayCounter is increased during sync.

This has been always the case (also in MM4) and is a long-standing issue.

Possible solutions:
A) modify the Statistics script to build the reports rather based on Song.PlayCounter
B) modify the code for syncing play counts back from the devices to write also into the Played table
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Fixed in build2276



2020-11-23 16:02

developer   ~0060351

Currently both solutions are problematics as
A) Statistis reports also "Tracks played per day" which can be counted only from the Played table
B) "Tracks played per day" cannot be counted accuratelly as we don't have the info of playing time for every play increase for every track, we have only "Last time played".
But I guess that it is better to use "Last time played" rather than anything.


2020-11-23 17:53

developer   ~0060356

Fixed in 2276 using solution B

i.e. plays on the device are now inserted also into the Played table during sync


2020-11-28 11:47

developer   ~0060417

Verified 2276

Tested on Android device,