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0007114MMW v4Main Panelpublic2011-02-01 15:29
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
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Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0007114: Can not show/hide certain tree nodes
DescriptionTested in 1342
I don't see any option to show/hide the following tree nodes

- now playing
- playlists
- upnp servers
- my computer
- net radio
- web

they do not appear on the options > collections page, or collections > tree nodes, or any where else in the options that I could find
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Fixed in build1346



2011-01-13 23:49

updater   ~0022355

As noted in the tread 54930 on the board (linked in additional information), the fact that you can't hide these nodes isn't the only issue. You also can't re-arrange these top level nodes like you could in MM3.


2011-01-14 02:19

administrator   ~0022356

The simplest solution is probably to change the 'Manage Collections' dialog to 'Manage Collections and Nodes'. Within the dialog, users would see Nodes and Collections and simply order them and/or enable/disable them.

1) The Collections and Nodes would appear in the same order as in the tree
2) Nodes only have 2 states (vs 3 for Collections)
3) The Delete and Edit buttons should be disabled for Nodes
4) Context Menu for Nodes should show 'Manage Collections & Nodes' (instead of 'Edit Collection'. 'Edit Collection' should only appear for the context menu for Collections.


2011-01-14 12:36

administrator   ~0022360

Seems to make sense. I'd consider few more improvements:

5. Maybe the term Node sounds too technical, what about uniting Collection and Nodes under a term Tree Items (or Media Tree Item)?
5b. We use term Tree in menu, maybe Media Tree would be better there (and elsewhere)?
6. I'd change configuration dialog column headers to:
  Visible | Media Tree Item
i.e. Enabled => Visible and get rid of Comment, which doesn't seem to useful and isn't applicable to non-Collection nodes.
7. As in other lists, addition of a new Collection should be done using <Add New Collection> command as the last row of the list.


2011-01-14 14:26

administrator   ~0022361

5. 'Media Tree' seems like a reasonable way to talk about the Tree. It shouldn't supplant Collections, though i.e. the Media Tree contains various nodes, some of which are Collections. In terms of how this would manifest itself:
File > Manage Collections: I think we can leave it as is.
Context menu on collection: Options > Edit Collection -- leave as is.
Tools > Options > Library > Collections --> Media Tree (and title = Edit Media Tree)

5b. Yes. We can change Tree --> Media Tree (for the menu)

6. ok.

7. makes sense.


2011-01-18 16:15

developer   ~0022393

Fixed in 1345


2011-01-24 23:35

developer   ~0022583

Verified in 1345

8 Right click on column header in Track Listing shows Edit Filter _Views probably should be Manage Collections


2011-01-25 09:14

developer   ~0022598

8. Fixed


2011-01-25 20:12

administrator   ~0022625

Item 7. isn't resolved in build 1345.

Double-click the 'Add new Collection...' entry in the Edit Media Tree options panel --> AV.

Elog with bug ID submitted.


2011-01-25 21:36

developer   ~0022631

Fixed in 1346


2011-02-01 15:29

developer   ~0022771

verified 1346