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0014683MediaMonkey 5Generalpublic2020-10-25 13:38
Reporterjiri Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0014683: Performance problems of A+T view
Description1. this.itemHeightReset in groupsRecompute() is called way too often, not only e.g. during splitter resize of NP sidebar, but also even during mouse move events!

2. renderGroupHeader is very slow, mainly because of hotlinkHandler, which is called repeatedly e.g. during splitter resize of the views.

3. Haven't studied in details, but there seems to be listeners lost (they increase in the Performance monitoring and never really return back).
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Fixed in build2094



2018-03-20 20:00

developer   ~0049771



2018-03-21 02:55

developer   ~0049774

Verified 2093


2018-03-21 14:52

administrator   ~0049784

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3. This still seems to be an issue - while scrolling in A+T view, the listeners counts goes continuously up (app.debug.getListenersCount()).

4. There's now a refresh problem after resizing A+T view -- only the content of the first two columns is properly updated.


2018-03-21 21:49

developer   ~0049787

Items 3&4 fixed


2020-08-18 03:25

developer   ~0059435

Reminder sent to: jiri, petr

Verified Performance in 2264

I do not see any issues or any new regressions

Can you please do a brief check in code and close?


2020-10-25 13:38

developer   ~0059984

Revised 2271

No additional issues reported. Considered this fully fixed and new bugs should be opened as they would not be related to original fix.