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0009030MMW v4Framework: Scripts/Extensionspublic2012-03-06 20:41
Reporterzvezdan Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version4.0.3Fixed in Version4.0.3 
Summary0009030: ISDBUICommon::TabIndex property needed
DescriptionIt would be nice if you add a property TabIndex, so we could specify the exact order of controls when cycling through them using the Tab key. Currently, the tab order is determined by the order of creation of controls on the form, but it is not enough if the controls are added/removed dynamically.
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Fixed in build1471


related to 0009031 closedLudek Alt hotkey doesn't work with Label controls 
related to 0011113 new ISDBUICommon::TabStop property needed 



2012-01-30 19:51

administrator   ~0030149

Assigning high priority, since it should be easy to fix.


2012-02-06 22:32

developer   ~0030315

Fixed in build 1471.

Note that if the control is a Label or any control that doesn't have this property, then -1 is returned.


2012-02-06 23:03

updater   ~0030316

Well, in Visual Basic even Label controls have TabIndex property. In that way you could use Alt hotkey with them without a need to specify their linked controls, like I mentioned in 9031 issue. The advantage of such approach is that script developers would not think about linking because such thing would do the program itself based on the TabIndex which is automatically assigned whenever some control is created. However, if you don't assign TabIndex to Label control, then that would not be possible.


2012-02-10 22:35

administrator   ~0030365

Resolving, since this is not directly related to this issue. We can consider it in 0009031, but since Delphi is not designed this way, it might require unnecessarily big effort.


2012-02-11 03:38

developer   ~0030366

verified 1471 left resolved so that Wiki can be added before closing


2012-02-12 00:48

developer   ~0030372

Wiki Added