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0016967MediaMonkey 5Main Panelpublic2021-04-14 21:47
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0016967: Can't remove Collections from Pinned items
DescriptionCan't remove Collections from Pinned items, other pinned items can be removed.
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Fixed in build2334


related to 0016446 closedLudek 'Pin it' is missing from grid item context menu 



2020-10-05 09:57

developer   ~0059758

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At first, I haven't been able to realize how to pin a collection at all ?

I tried drag and drop or Send to > Pinned, but nothing works for a collection item.

Can you eleborate how to pin collection?
Anyhow I don't think that it makes much sense to have collections pineable.


2020-10-08 19:54

developer   ~0059776

So MM does allow D&D, but that doesn't work. Perhaps this was available at some point as I currently can't Pin a Collection. This means though:

1) I still can't remove pinned Collections

2) D&D should show as disabled for Collections.


2020-10-12 11:06

developer   ~0059828

Trying an older MM5.db from you and I don't see any collection pinned, just folder 'TempMusic' is pinned.

So please share the newest version of your MM5.DB so that I can see how the collections are pinned and fix removing of them (as I cannot get a collection to be pinned at all)


2020-11-11 22:26

developer   ~0060142

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Fixed in 2274

+ fixed further issues with D&D to Pinned node in media tree (discussed with LowLander offline):
3) Sometimes an incorrect item was dropped/pinned (than the dragged one)
4) Added ability to drag & drop more items at once (e.g. to pin two tracks, two albums)


2020-11-14 14:07

developer   ~0060209

Verified 2274

This is big improvement in Pinning, described test cases are tested, thus we maybe missed some.

@Lowlander do you have any more cases to test with according to your talke with Ludek offline?


2021-04-12 17:08

developer   ~0062790

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This issue seems re-occuring, the collections cannot be unpined, more at:

i.e. collection is pineable and cannot be unpined


2021-04-13 09:43

developer   ~0062806

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Fixed in

i.e. collections can be unpinned now


2021-04-14 21:47

developer   ~0062820

Verified 2334

Confirming the fix.