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0015910MediaMonkey 5Playlist / Searchpublic2019-10-25 19:51
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015910: Advanced search does not give accurate results sometimes
Description1) Press Ctrl+F and type "moon" to fins all matches by "moon"
2) Click [Switch to advanced...]
=> it switches to advanced search with criteria
Any text fields contains "moon"
and shows the corresponding files as expected.
3) Delete the rule [Any text fields contains "moon"] and add rule [Composer is known]
=> the list shows files with known composers but still filtered by "moon" !!
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Fixed in build2202


related to 0012371 closedLudek Search bar functionality 



2019-08-27 15:37

developer   ~0054428

Fixed in 2193


2019-08-31 16:01

developer   ~0054486

It is partially fixed, It now shows correct info, but after step 3 if you use:
4. Click on Advanced Search to return to simple search vie is not reset to one from Step 1 but stays in Advanced Search view

5. Repeating steps from step 1 result in double criteria in step 2 (snap3.jpg)

6. Removing Criteria in some cases crash MM5.
 Callstack:_Script:_file:///controls/searchEditor.js ; Func:__removeRow ; Row:_422 ; Col:_40
            Script:_file:///controls/searchEditor.js ; Func:__onRemoveRow ; Row:_431 ; Col:_19
Bug ID is in attached pic Snap2.jpg


2019-08-31 16:02


Snap2.jpg (134,525 bytes)   
Snap2.jpg (134,525 bytes)   
Snap3.jpg (349,721 bytes)


2019-08-31 20:59

developer   ~0054491

Sent further test Video file to Petr in try to fix crash, that also shows number of strange behavior of enabling Advanced Search button and disabling it and then use CTRL-F basic search again.


2019-09-02 12:38

developer   ~0054502

4. is already tracked together with further items as item d) here: 0012371:0054159

5. I cannot replicate, could you please attach a video of this?

6. Fixed in 2195


2019-09-02 12:58

developer   ~0054503

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5) assigned back to me, I can replicate now (when clicking the funnel icon on the toolbar), previously I was clicking the "Advanced search..." text inside of the search view

=> Fixed in 2195


2019-09-07 23:02

developer   ~0054535

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Still not working correctly:
7. No way to get back to original results (No Undo/Switch to Original results) (eg. tried using Address bar, Back button, Filter View)

New video Uploaded to FTP


2019-09-09 16:41

developer   ~0054564

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You probably meant item 4 (rather than item 6) that was originally tracked together with further items as in 0012371
I don't think that toggle is required (also Rusty wrote: As suggested by Ludek, to change Filter:off to an 'Advanced search' button (I'm not even sure that a toggle is required) )
Actually user can return to the search term just by pressing Ctrl+F and typing (i.e. initiating global search again), not a big deal -- we can adjust later in case of a need.

I believe that 5&6 (the crash) + the original issue are fixed, close after confirmation.


2019-09-19 17:36

administrator   ~0054717

Tested 2198, and the initial issue reported by Ludek still occurs (I might be using slightly different steps):

I haven't tried to replicate Peke's issues in this build.


2019-09-24 08:38

developer   ~0054825

Fixed in 2202


2019-09-26 22:24

developer   ~0054873

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In Rusty video at 0015910:0054717 is clearly showing issue I was talking about:
1. Enters Global search at 00:03 he gets grouped recommendations (Artist, Albums, Videos)
2. Switch to advanced All OK
3. Once he switch back at 00:34 if hides Advanced but do not show grouped recommendations like he initially started Global search (Space is left for it in UI on top of Track Listing, but not shown)

This is example, but easiest way replicate is after Switch to advanced (Step 2 above), do not change anything and switch back and it behaves same eg. no group recommendations.


2019-10-01 09:14

developer   ~0054902

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@Peke, at step 3 it just hides the filter, there was bug that filter was discarded prior to 2202 (as shown on Rusty's video), but this has been fixed in 2202!
So it is expected to just hide the filter (similarly like when you enable/hides the filter in Music > All tracks) -- for consistency.
It is not a toggle -- as I have already explained in my note 0015910:0054564


2019-10-04 19:23

administrator   ~0054946

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As far as I can see, the issue I raised is fixed (verified 2203).

Peke, please re-open if not, or create a new bug if required.


2019-10-04 21:47

developer   ~0054948

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Re 0015910:0054902 : This is not related to Show/Hide, but due the fact that Data is missing in UI eg. See RED DATA on Search -> GEEN DATA when Filter is enabled -> PINK DATA whole part of window with data is missing and there is space left for it (RED DATA)

See attached Image.


2019-10-04 21:47


bug15910.jpg (2,291,329 bytes)


2019-10-25 19:51

administrator   ~0055119

Bug 15910 Comment:
I think that what you're trying to say in that filters cause view settings to be ignored and there's no way to revert from a filter to a Global Search result. i.e.:
1 Global search for 'moon'
--> results appear in browser view (grouped by Artists, Albums, Videos, Playlists, Tracks)
2 Press Filter icon
--> Filter criteria appear
--> Only a list view of tracks is shown (even though Browser view is still active)
3 Press Filter icon again
--> Filter criteria collapse (though the filter is still active)
--> Only a list view of tracks is shown (even though Browser view is still active)!

Assuming that's what you're asking for, this is a completely separate issue. Closing closing this bug, and opening a new one.