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0016130MediaMonkey 5Playbackpublic2021-01-21 01:47
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0016130: Plackback: Spacebar causes focus to switch to MediaMonkey on track transitions
Description1 Initiate playback in MM
2 In notepad, start typing A <space> A <space> A <space>....
3 Track1 finishes playback and track 2 starts
--> Focus switches from Notepad to MediaMonkey

Note: I've seen this several times and it's not new to recent builds, but am only noting it now because I happened to have dbgview running when it happened and realized how to replicate it. The problem is caused by pressing the SPACEBAR while the Pop-Up is active; it probably causes focus to switch to MM because MM is 'listening' for the Play/Pause keyboard command (the problem doesn't occur when typing other characters).
Additional InformationPossibly related issue: pressing DELETE in another application caused the DELETE action to occur in MM!
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Fixed in build2265


has duplicate 0016866 closedLudek MediaMonkey takes keyboard input while not the active window 
related to 0016891 closedpetr Popup: 'only when inactive' setting is ignored in most cases. 
related to 0016991 closedpetr MediaMonkey steals focus 
related to 0017414 closedpetr MediaMonkey context menus steal focus 
related to 0017422 closedpetr MM steals focus soon after track transitions (regression 2296?) 



2019-11-21 20:09



2019-11-22 18:11

developer   ~0055456

We cannot reproduce it, please try to find more about how to replicate.


2019-11-24 00:59

administrator   ~0055477

Haven't been able to replicate in 2214/15. Resolving for now.


2019-11-29 02:31

developer   ~0055541

Unable to replicate in 2217


2019-11-29 07:20

administrator   ~0055551

I haven't been able to replicate this even after many tries. Closing.


2020-08-12 21:39

administrator   ~0059356

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I'm able to replicate this relatively easily in 2263:
1 Run MM in a non-maximized window
2 Initiate playback of a few tracks
3 Maximize Notepad or Firefox so that it obscures MM
4 When MM nears the end of the playback track, type in Firefox or Notepad alternating between SPACEBAR and another character
--> As soon as the Popup appears, focus switches to MM5

Log saved to ftp


2020-08-13 14:59

developer   ~0059385



2020-08-14 22:10

administrator   ~0059408

Still seeing this in build 2264.

log saved to ftp.


2020-08-19 09:05

developer   ~0059439



2020-08-28 11:50

developer   ~0059515

Verified 2265

Unable to replicate.


2020-09-22 17:58

administrator   ~0059639

Re-verified 2267.