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0004053MMW v4Playerpublic2011-05-14 02:23
Reporterjiri Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0 
Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0004053: Slow setting of album art of the playing track
DescriptionCurrently, if playback of a new track starts, album art is read (e.g. from tag) and shown in the player. This can take a while particularly in case of a large album art stored on some slower location (network?). We do this update in the main thread and thus it can slow down or almost freeze MM. I even received several debug logs containing this issue while starting MM (i.e. playback position in NP is set to the last used position).
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Fixed in build1370


related to 0007624 closedpetr Problems viewing / selecting / playing video files with image tags (wmv/mp4) on a network 
related to 0007540 closedpeke UI responsiveness in MM4 



2007-11-30 13:29

administrator   ~0012241

Question is how to fix it. It would probably make sense to load AA of the track to be played before its playback actually starts (in a thread). This way we would have its AA ready as soon as it starts playback.


2010-06-10 12:10

developer   ~0020256

Last edited: 2010-09-15 10:25

I have also noticed this problem with large Album Art stored in 10MB large JPG file.

Btw. Why we would need the Album Art to be loaded before the playback starts?
Couldn't we just load it in a thread _after_ the playback starts and show the info popup etc a little bit later once the AA is loaded?


2011-04-05 06:57

administrator   ~0024046

Yes, this would also be an option.


2011-04-07 21:51

developer   ~0024116

Cover loading in thread implemented in 1362


2011-04-14 21:06

administrator   ~0024323

In there's reported a problem when the low-res AA version stays sometimes active for the whole time of playing back the track.

Also as discussed over IM, we could improve the workflow a little and prevent 'blinking' reported by the same user by:
1. For showing AA for the Selected tracks - leave it as currently implemented.
2. For showing AA for the Now Playing track - start loading of the original (hi-res) version of AA, but defer loading of the low-res version by about 1 sec. This way the low-res version won't be unnecessarily shown in cases when the hi-res version is loaded quickly.


2011-04-18 21:44

developer   ~0024369

Fixed in 1366


2011-04-22 12:34

administrator   ~0024442

Last edited: 2011-04-22 12:35

There's still a problem in 1366: If Art & Details is shown in Selected mode and user moves through individual Videos, it sometimes (like 10% of time) happens that video A is selected, but video B thumbnail is shown in Art & Details (for unlimited time).

The whole problem looks like this: select video B and quite soon after that (between 0.1-1 second) select video A. Sometimes video B stays in Art & Details, even though Title and Series is correctly shown for video A.


2011-04-26 07:59

developer   ~0024464

Fixed in 1368


2011-05-04 15:14

administrator   ~0024818

One more problem: Art & Details shows the cached version per Album. So, if there are two tracks (A & B), both from the same Album and A has album art, but B doesn't, then focusing B still shows Album Art in the window.


2011-05-04 22:08

developer   ~0024840

Fixed in 1370


2011-05-14 02:22

developer   ~0025220

Last edited: 2011-05-14 02:22

Verified 1374