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0015386MediaMonkey 5Generalpublic2019-12-11 18:45
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015386: Eurekalog Send log dialog UI issues
DescriptionThe eurekalog dialog's UI needs further improvement. It's currently:

....log details...

[x] Copy log ID to Clipboard (xxxx) . . . [x] Send this error via Internet
  . . . . . . [Send log]. . . . . . . . . . [Details>>]

Issues are that:
1) There's a '[x] Send this error via Internet' option, and a [Send Log] button. These seem to conflict with one another (i.e. what does it mean if the Send option is disabled and the user clicks [Send log]?!

2) There's no obvious way to not send the log!

3) There's no way to include information about the log like there was with MM4 (e.g. a description, contact info).

How about something like:

Send error log
Debug logs only contain information related to MediaMonkey functionality: MediaMonkey library information (e.g. track names, location, metadata), configuration data, and usage data. This is used solely for the purpose of improving MediaMonkey software.

...log details.... (note: this should be truncated to not take up too much space)

Log ID: xxxx
Please refer to this ID when communicating about this issue

[x] Copy log ID to the Clipboard

Details (required):
| User can enter info here
E-mail (optional):

[View log >>] . . . [[Send log]] [Cancel]
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Fixed in build2166



2019-01-25 03:15


Send_log_dialog_.jpg (50,450 bytes)
Send_log_dialog_.jpg (50,450 bytes)


2019-03-07 19:11

developer   ~0052900

As it's not easy to modify eureka dialog i've made some changes to Send button caption (it will change to 'Close' or 'Send log' when 'Send this error via Internet' checkbox is changed).


2019-05-20 22:45

developer   ~0053585

Verified 2176

Confirming Petr changes regarding behavior depending to button based on 'Send this error via Internet' checkbox state