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0020699MMW 5Generalpublic2024-04-26 11:23
Reporterzvezdan Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0020699: A new icon for button to switch back from mini player to main window needed
DescriptionI would like to have an icon in my skin for the button for switching back from mini player to main window. You are currently using restore.svg for it, but I don't think it is appropriate for that purpose. I would like to have it similarly to Media Player, with that button similar to the icon for switching from the main window to the mini player, but with an arrow in opposite direction,

You could add a new icon named as expand2.svg, to be consistent with the new collapse2.svg icon. If you want to keep the same look in your skins as it is now, just make a copy of restore.svg to that new file. Which is not a new practice for you, since you already have some duplicates, e.g. downArrow and dropdown or menuArrow and treeCollapsed.
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Fixed in build3017


related to 0020507 new MM should have more specific icon files 



2024-04-25 14:27

developer   ~0075277

Fixed in 3017

i.e. duplicated the restore.svg to restoreFromMiniPlayer.svg


2024-04-25 14:53

updater   ~0075278

Thanks, but that is not consistent, nor intuitive for skinners. If you want to have that filename, then I suggest that you rename expand2.svg to switchToMiniPlayer.svg (Minimize to Mini Player for its tooltip is so awkward, having two "mini', and I wouldn't like it to be minimizeToMiniPlayer).


2024-04-25 15:35

developer   ~0075282

ok, unified icon names to switchToMiniPlayer.svg


2024-04-26 11:23

developer   ~0075294

Verified 3017

Icon present and used.