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0020507MMW 5Main Panel: Toolbars & Menuspublic2024-04-27 13:59
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Summary0020507: MM should have more specific icon files
DescriptionI am updating and expanding this issue because MM is using many icons for several distinct purposes, sometimes very different. It should have more specific icons.

1. Previous/Next view buttons shouldn't use undo/redo icons. These are very different things and should have different icons. The Previous/Next view buttons could look more like Back/Forward buttons in some programs as web browsers and PDF/EPUB readers. For example, you could rotate showMore.svg for 90 degrees clockwise to get Previous view button.

2. Playing node: should not use song icon. The song icon has a musical note, but MM could play video files as well. It is also used for All tracks nodes, which has a quite different purpose.

3. Location: should not use folder icon; maybe it could be a combination of a folder icon and e.g. the Location e81d icon from Segoe Fluent font (like those used in maps).

4. All videos: should not use video icon. All tracks icon is different then the icon of its parent folder (e.g. Music), so All videos should be also different than Video.

5. All tracks in Entire Library: should be different than other All tracks nodes, e.g. inside Music and Audiobooks, since it could contain not only audio, but also video files.

6. Album Artists: should not use artist icon. You already have conductor, composer, producer..., so you should have album artist as well.

7. Classification: should not use organize icon.

8. Title and Unplayed (Podcasts) nodes, Playing node / Lyrics view and maybe in other places: should not use list icon; that icon is really overused; Unplayed should be different than Title.

9. Layout (View/Playing/Preview), Manage views, Customize (Player): should not use options icon; that icon is really overused.

10. View / New tab: should not use add icon.

11. Stop after: could be different than stop icon.

12. Playing / Reverse list: should not use Refresh icon; it could be like e845 (RevToggleKey) from Segoe Fluent font, but rotated for 90 degrees.

13. Playing / Clear and Playing / Clean (...): should not use remove icon; Clear could use the existing delete icon, Clean could use e.g. e75c icon (EraseTool).

14. Playing / Save playlist: should not use playlist icon; it could be a combination of save and playlist icons.

15. Configure collections and nodes could be different than Edit collection.

16. Send to / Folder (Move): could use a specific icon, the move icon is too generic, which could be used elsewhere for a different purpose.

17. Send to / Folder (Copy): could use its own icon, the copy icon is too generic.

18. Send to / Audio CD (Burn) and Tools / Rip Audio CD: could use their own icons, the cd icon is too generic.

19. Send to / M3U/XSPF playlist: should not use playlist icon, it could be as Playing / Save playlist a combination of save and playlist icons.

20. Location node / drive - Media Properties: it has the options icon again; it would be better to use edit or properties icon, if you don't want to add a new icon.

21. Rename (e.g Location / drive or in playlists): should be different than edit icon; it could be like e8ac icon from Segoe Fluent font.

22. Devices and Services: should be different than devices icon.

23. Classical Music: should be different than music icon.

24. Music Video: should be different than video icon (basically, all native collections should have their own distinct icons, although I am not sure about Audiobooks and Video).

25. Rating in Tree and My Rating in context menu: should have a new icon instead of star icon.

26. to be continued...

If you are too busy to create your own icons for these additional purposes, you could just copy the existing icons to the new ones. For example, you could add a new previousView icon which will be a copy of the undo icon. But, in such case, the skinners will be able to create and use their own new icons at least.
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2024-04-25 14:57

updater   ~0075279

Here is one example. I just created an icon for Devices and Services when I realized that the same icon is used for individual devices, e.g. for attached thumb drives, where such icon is inappropriate. There should be two different icons for these two purposes.


2024-04-25 15:04

updater   ~0075280

This site doesn't accept attach of svg files.