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0011907MediaMonkey for AndroidPlaybackpublic2020-07-23 23:10
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
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Product Version1.0.5 
Target Version2.2.0 
Summary0011907: Replace equalizer with 10-band equalizer
DescriptionA common complaint is that the current equalizer is limited to 5 bands and isn't granular enough compared to other players.

It would be useful to increase it to 10 bands.
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Fixed in build


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2014-04-18 14:50

developer   ~0040092

We use:

this Equalizer doesn't support different number of bands than default. Number of bands depend on Android implementation but mostly it's five.

To implement 10 band equalizer we have to use some own implementation.
Something like but it use AudioTrack instead MediaPlayer.


2014-10-07 16:02

administrator   ~0040732

Last edited: 2015-01-28 16:34

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Raised the priority to 'urgent' given that the current equalizer implementation doesn't work on many devices (see 0011746 ), and since it is buggy on some of the devices it does work on (see 0012528).


2015-06-15 12:41

developer   ~0042624

So I have looked at sasken player, but it seems buggy and 5 years old project without new updates. I prefer leave this option.

I have tried to find some other posibilities and found OpenSLMediaPlayer

It seems quite good. The library offers a compatible class of Android's MediaPlayer class, so implementation to our app should be quite quick.
On other hand we have to keep both implementation and provide option to switch between players. I think only users who want use 10 bands equalizer or have some issues with equalizer (samsung devices mainly) will use OpenSLMediaPlayer. Also this player doesn't support video playback.

- 10 bands graphic equalizer with preamplifier
- Smooth fade in/out when starts/pauses playback
- (Visualizer)...

- Does not support video playback
- Increases our app size from 6.3 MB to 10,7 MB
- Consumes more CPU resources than standard MediaPlayer and other OpenSL based audio player products (ex. PowerAmp)

Licence seems good I think, but please verify.

more info


2015-07-17 17:52

administrator   ~0042713

A 3MB library sounds like overkill. I was hoping for something more similar to the shibatch library used by MMW. Is nothing like that available?