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0012528MediaMonkey for AndroidPlaybackpublic2015-01-28 16:33
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.1.0 
Target Version1.1.0Fixed in Version1.1.0 
Summary0012528: Equalizer settings become erratic after numerous changes
DescriptionIn the course of testing 0012462, I've found that the equalizer doesn't work correctly on a Nexus 5 running kitkat. The problem is that initially, it seems to work, but certain equalizer settings don't seem to work in the manner that they should after settings have been changed. e.g.

1 Play a track and enabled Equalizer with 'Rock' settings
2 Set the bars b:-12, c:-12, d:-12
--> volume changes as expected
3 Set A:-15
4 Change between E:15 and E:-11
--> When E is at -11 the volume goes up and when E is at 15, the volume goes down.

Note: this doesn't always happen right away. It sometimes requires that the equalizer bars be moved up and down numerous times.
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Fixed in build382


related to 0011907 assignedmartin Replace equalizer with 10-band equalizer 



2015-01-23 10:33

developer   ~0041838

I can't replicate this in same manner, but there was one bug, which caused that equalizer UI didn't reflect current setting.

Fixed in build


2015-01-28 07:49

administrator   ~0041881

I'm able to replicate this problem consistently in 384 via the following steps:

1 Start playback of a few tracks
2 Enable the equalizer using the Rock profile
3 Set A:15, E:15
4 Set B:-13, C:-13, D:-13
--> Notice that volume goes down as expected (use headphones for clarity)
5 Change E:-12 or A:-12
--> In either case, volume goes up! It seems as if reducing Bass causes treble to go up and vice-versa! There shouldn't be such relative effects.


2015-01-28 13:50

developer   ~0041888

Unfortunately it seems to OS related (or Device specific) issue. I can replicate it in this way in MMA, but also I can replicate it in Google Play Music app. Their eq has same issue. On the other hand the bug occurs only on some devices.

Sony Ericsson MK16i (Android 2.3.4)- working well
HTC DESIRE C (Android 4.0.3)- working well
LG G3s (Android 4.4.2) - bug occurs
Nexus 7 (Android 5.0.2)- bug occurs

The equalizer from Google Play Music is available only on Nexus 7 (I don't know why) and there is same issue.

We are using

as well as Google Play Music I guess.

So it seems that only way to fix it completely is implementation of 0011907.


2015-01-28 14:30

administrator   ~0041889

OK. Re-resolving.


2015-01-28 16:33

administrator   ~0041893

Verified 385.