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0011746MediaMonkey for AndroidPlaybackpublic2020-07-23 23:10
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Product Version1.0.4 
Target Version2.2.0 
Summary0011746: (Bluetooth) playback is corrupted when equalizer is enabled on some devices
DescriptionThere was a user report that bluetooth playback is disabled on the GS4 when the equalizer is enabled:

I was unable to replicate that issue--Jiri can you give it a try? However, upon testing with a couple of devices I found that on the GS3, bluetooth playback volume is reduced and sounds a bit 'muffled' (whereas this was not the case on other devices).
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Fixed in build230


has duplicate 0014314 resolvedmartin EQ: Using EQ over BT issues 
related to 0013345 resolvedmartin Equalizer: Not working correctly without headphones connected 
child of 0011907 assignedmartin Replace equalizer with 10-band equalizer 



2014-02-10 16:46

administrator   ~0039548

According to a user at , this issue is hardware-specific, and occurs specifically when a band on the equalizer is lower than 0.


2014-02-10 22:46

developer   ~0039553

Update: problem is maybe related to JB 4.3 update on some devices like S3.

I can't replicate on Nexus 7 and KK 4.4.2


2014-02-28 17:15

developer   ~0039736

There are some changes in build 230 by 0009183. Maybe it could help.

Fixed in build 230.


2014-03-05 20:13

administrator   ~0039782

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I tested on a number of different devices and found that:

Nexus 5: Kitkat: equalizer audio works as expected
Xperia Pro: ICS: equalizer audio works as expected
Galaxy S3: JB 4.1.2: equalizer audio doesn't work correctly. The simplest test is to set all bands to DB=0, except for 60hz and 14000hz, and strangely, this _reduces_ the volume of playback compared to when all bands are at DB=0!

According to user 'creativeconfusion' at , the problem also occurs on a Moto X running Jellybean 4.3 and isn't specific to MediaMonkey (though other apps such as spotify have figured out a solution).


Note: the bug occurs whether volume leveling is enabled or not


2014-04-18 14:33

developer   ~0040091

I think that we can't do much more with this. We use android equalizer ( and these issues are not on MMA side,but on android side.


2014-10-02 22:08

administrator   ~0040684

Tested on Samsung S5 Mini. It has the same problem with the equalizer.

The problem is that the majority of Android devices are Samsung devices. And the equalizer doesn't work on them.

Is there any quick alternative or does this have to wait until we implement a 10 band equalizer?


2014-10-07 14:29

developer   ~0040728

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What I know there is no alternative equalizer, so it has to wait for 10 band equalizer.


2014-10-07 16:03

administrator   ~0040733

OK. I guess it'll have to wait.