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0004826MediaMonkey 4Otherpublic2008-12-30 23:50
Reporterpetr Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version3.1 
Summary0004826: Customizeable toolbars
DescriptionMany programs have a functionality for customize toolbars (add/delete toolbars, define buttons on it etc.). MediaMonkey haven't this feature and some users mentioned that it's necessary for comfortable use of MediaMonkey.
Fixed in build1205


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2008-09-03 16:06

developer   ~0014523

Added into 1186.
Toolbars can be configured using right-click on top toolbars dock and selecting 'Configuration'.

For adding of the new buttons into toolbar simply use D&D from right panel to the left.

I also added 2 new actions (in General section) :
1. Run Script - user can define script/procedure to run using this button
2. Auto-Organize Using Mask - user can define mask and using this button he can immediately organize selected track without need to open Auto-Organize dialog.


2008-12-04 03:43

developer   ~0015359

Verified 1199


2008-12-12 16:24

administrator   ~0015619

Last edited: 2008-12-12 17:02

1) Customizable toolbars functionality often causes an MM freeze. Here's how to replicate:
-Expand a Toolbar on the toolbar config dialog
-Select an Action in the toolbars column, and drag it onto itself
-->MM will freeze up (CPU locked at 50%, task manager needed to exit)

2) Actions are draggable _on top_ of existing actions. Wouldn't it make more sense to only allow them to be dragged between existing actions?

3) Several toolbars are missing. Is this intentional?


2008-12-12 18:29

developer   ~0015624

Item 1&2 are fixed in 1203.
Also because of some complications leaving item 3 for post 3.1


2008-12-12 18:45

administrator   ~0015626

I'll add a new bug re 'Categorize' toolbar. Others are already covered.


2008-12-30 02:12

developer   ~0015850

1, 2 Verified 1205


2008-12-30 02:13

developer   ~0015851

4. Adding/creating new toolbar icon UI.AddMenuItemSub( UI.Menu_TbCategorize, -1, 1) thru scripts is not in customization of toolbar order. Possible solution would be to use SDBMenuItem.Caption as Reference for Customization or even better make something Like Firefox Toolbar Customization Uses?

I think it is post 3.1


2008-12-30 22:06

administrator   ~0015880

Resetting to Resolved. The issue that Peke raises can be tracked as a new issue for a future release.


2008-12-30 23:50

developer   ~0015891

Verified 1205.

Others are moved to new bugs.