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0019690MMADBpublic2024-02-14 18:47
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0019690: Artwork sometimes disappears / is missing
DescriptionA couple of weeks ago I initiated a wi-fi sync with MMA, and just noticed that artwork is missing for many tracks in MMA (despite the fact that it exists in MMW). I'm not 100% certain, but I believe that the artwork was initially there, and only went missing after using MMA for a couple of weeks, though it's unclear what triggered the disappearance of the artwork.

Here is a partial list of tracks for which the artwork is missing in MMA (this is a tiny subset of the overall number of tracks missing artwork). There doesn't appear to be any pattern as to what tracks have/don't have artwork.

- I feel love (Medley with Marc Almond) - Bronski beat (tag 1400x1400) MP3; local; no genre; no A/C; track time off by 1s
- Harlem Shuffle - Bob & Earl (tag 236x236) MP3; network; no genre; no A/C; off by 1s
- Shimmering Fields - Matt Costa (tag 500x447) MP3; network; one genre; no A/C; off by 1s
- Faded From the Winter - Iron & Wine (Multiple: tag 300x300; \path 200x200 ; \path 75x75) MP3; local; one genre; no A/C; off by 1s
- Crash into Me - The Dave Matthews Band (Multiple: tag 300x299; path 200x200; path 75x75) OGG; local; multi-genre; no A/C
- The Weight of my words (Four tet remix - instrumental) - Kings of Convenience (tag 170x170)); local; one genre; no A/C; off by 1s
- Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits (tag 200x200) MP3; local; one genre; no A/C
- Devil Inside - INXS (tag 400x400) MP3; local; multi-genre; no A/C; off by 1s
- Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones (Multiple: tag 300x300; \path 200x200 ; \path 75x75); mp3; local; one genre; no A/C; off by 1s

Also attached is a saved debug log associated with this database (BD19GYNER2).

I then initiated a sync operation to see if the artwork would update, and it did (for all tracks that were remained on the sync list i.e. all but Crash into me and Sultans of Swing). BUT, after the sync operation there were many other tracks missing artwork despite the fact that artwork for those tracks exists in the library (it's not clear whether those tracks were newly synced or not). For example:

867-5309 - Tommie Tutone
A Letter from St Paul - The Silencers
A Little help from my friends - The Beatles
A Message - Coldplay
A Song for Jeffrey - Jethro Tull
A Sort of Homecoming - U2

I generated a second debug log/database at this point (3A6LG8RWSZ).

Hopefully this will yield some indication of why artwork is often missing in MMA.
Additional InformationNote: I believe that this issue is distinct from 0018792 since in that case, resyncing failed to update artwork. Nonetheless, it possible that in this scenario, artwork is only updated for a _subset_ of the tracks for which it's missing and that by chance, I happened to not observe failed artwork updates that occurred on tracks that I hadn't noted.
TagsNo tags attached.
Fixed in build1075


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2023-01-09 02:28

administrator   ~0070855

Another report of this issue:


2023-01-12 16:57

administrator   ~0070896

Another report of artwork getting lost:


2023-01-23 16:47

administrator   ~0070988

Last edited: 2023-01-24 03:16

Based on Peke's report at 0019741, it may be that this issue is caused (at least in some cases) by the Android Media Scanner 'losing' artwork when it's not saved to a tag; in his experience, deleting artwork .jpg files from the device often solves the problem:
- if a track has both tagged art and linked jpg, then deleting the jpg causes the Android Media Scanner to find the tagged artwork
- if a track has only linked jpg, then deleting the jpg causes MMA to lookup artwork during playback.

Leaving to martin to analyse since as described in the initial report in this bug, during my testing Artwork was often lost for tracks in which it was saved exclusively to a tag.

Update: I've retested this evening, and again most of the tracks that are missing artwork had it saved in MMW5 to a tag, so although there may be some other issue with linked artwork, it isn't the sole cause of missing artwork, and the solution proposed by Peke at 0019741 would not be a complete solution (since as described above, tagged artwork is often lost).


2023-01-25 22:16

developer   ~0071016

In user confirmed that disabling saving AA to file fixed his problem eg. my request for a review in 0019741


2023-01-26 22:01

developer   ~0071021

Fixed in build


2023-01-27 20:32

administrator   ~0071031

Last edited: 2023-02-09 22:50

Verified 1065.

Note: there's still some instances of missing artwork, but that's only in the specific case when Album="" (0019760), whereas this issue was much more common and without a clear cause.


2023-02-23 00:07

developer   ~0071209

Also fixed a situation where the album art would fail to load and the previous one would remain displayed.
Unaccessible artworks(like from AG8ZBAQV2G) should be fixed in background processing automatically.
Fixed in build


2023-02-23 14:15

developer   ~0071212

tested 1070 and issue reported at ~0071197 is fixed and AA shows where previously it was shown as missing.

not closed till another confirmation, but I think this bug is fixed and review of 0019741


2023-03-03 09:33

developer   ~0071282

I've deep-tested this and implemented an enhancement for Android 10 and newer to automatically update missing artwork without the need for additional tag changes.
Fixed in build


2023-03-10 16:21

administrator   ~0071341

There's still one case of this from a user that synced with a beta build causing artwork to be lost and subsequent resyncs fail to rectify the situation.

Details are in bug 5566.

Assuming that this issue is actually limited to beta testers, I would consider this remaining problem to be minor, and considering that it only affects a few people who were testing the beta, and that there's a known workaround (delete such tracks and resync), we can push it. BUT not if it's reflective of a sync bug that can still occur in other cases.


2023-04-14 17:16

developer   ~0071516

Last edited: 2023-04-21 20:47

Fixed in build

[EDIT by Rusty] If Artwork is stored to an external file (rather than the tag) MMA must have rights to the file. If MMA was previously uninstalled, it can happen that the artwork is located in a directory that MediaMonkey doesn't have included in the library. For this case, such artwork directories are newly listed in the "Library folders" section and must be manually added to the library (for now).


2023-04-20 13:40

developer   ~0071564

Screenshot_20230420-153905.png (110,549 bytes)   
Screenshot_20230420-153905.png (110,549 bytes)   


2023-05-03 21:24

administrator   ~0071722

Last edited: 2023-05-04 15:26

New report of this issue at

What's interesting about this report is that:
- it's on a Pixel 5a, so it has no SD card (and associated permissions issues)
- the user didn't update to any intermediate beta builds
- the user indicated a non-default config in which 'Sync all Artwork to file folders' is disabled (the only sync tagging setting that's enabled is 'Use only the first Genre...') because in his library all Artwork is already tagged.


2023-05-29 14:49

administrator   ~0072117

I just noticed another example of artwork failing to update, though I'm not sure why:
Several tracks were synced to MMA without the Album/Album Artist known. They were automatically given the Artwork of another track in the Unknown directory. Since then, the metadata/artwork for those tracks has been updated in MMW, however, on resyncing, the artwork in MMA fails to update.

The only solution is to delete the artwork in MMA and then resync.
Tracks are on the 'Incorrect Artwork' playlist:
Wrong artwork
I Don't - Johnny Orlando
That Sea, The Gambler - Gregory Alan Isakov
Mojo Skyline - The Dust Coda
The Major Minor Collection - The Picturebooks
The Roadside EP - Billy Idol


2023-06-20 20:02

developer   ~0072242

To clarify:
Pre Android 1<= 10 (API 29)
Android Media store saves album art as filepath, but on newer Androids bitmap must be loaded directly via media store API(no filepath available).

This applies to media synced from the Android media store. For tracks synced with MMW/5, the artwork is still stored as a filepath.
If access permission to folders is missing then such artwork is not visible until permission is granted.
I believe that if 'External storage' permission is disabled, then the artwork file looks like deleted(missing).
It will cause such artwork to be cleared from our database.
Cleared artworks can be updated via WifiSync or via MMA artworkRepairTask.

The artwork can reappear due to
MMA artwork repair task or resync with MM5.

1)WifiSync updates media by new filepath artwork

2)"MMA artwork repair task" will update media to load artwork via the MediaStore API.
This loading method is successful if the artwork file is located in the same folder or is stored in Tag.

Artwork for tracks without Albums was never supported on MMA side.
Maybe we could change this in the near future, but it would be a completely new feature(e.g. only for > API 29 to be loaded via MediaStore API).


2024-02-14 18:47

administrator   ~0074255

Resolving as fixed since the original issue is no longer being observed and all remaining issues are tracked elsewhere.