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0017826MediaMonkey 5Main Panel: Toolbars & Menuspublic2022-08-01 15:05
Reporterdrakinite Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0.1 
Target Version5.0.4Fixed in Version5.0.4 
Summary0017826: Add the ability to add/configure custom items in the toolbar
DescriptionMM4 allows the user to add custom toolbar icons, but the feature is not currently present in MM5.
User has requested it here:

There is plenty of space to the left of the View toolbuttons; but also, custom toolbuttons could be placed between the Show Sidebar button and the Navigation bar.
Additional Information
Ticket 1990
Fixed in build2658


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related to 0019219 newLudek Custom Toolbar is not available as Layout selection element 
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2021-12-08 09:07

reporter   ~0066282

LowLander: "There is plenty of space to the left of the View toolbuttons"

I don't think so.
AFAIK part of the design objective of MM5 was to allow the option of making the Media Tree panel largely irrelevant, with the left hand panel closed most of the time.
This is how I use MM5, the advantage being more screen space for the central panel, and a grateful goodbye to wrangling with, and scrolling through, great long vertical lists.

This way of operating relies upon reserving plenty of space for the breadcrumb menu to grow (see image).
And this left hand space will be required if you are to consider the request to put the terminal nodes back into the breadcrumb menus
ie. Music>AlbumArtist>The Allman Brothers> Brothers and Sisters, like they were in MM4
no so much free space.png (44,843 bytes)   
no so much free space.png (44,843 bytes)   
terminal nodes.png (4,884 bytes)   
terminal nodes.png (4,884 bytes)   


2022-06-16 20:52

developer   ~0068576

Last edited: 2022-06-16 20:52

Yes, I think that the custom toolbar needs to be another line as in MM4:
image-2.png (38,152 bytes)   
image-2.png (38,152 bytes)   


2022-06-16 20:53

developer   ~0068577

Changing target to 5.0.4 as this seems frequently requested feature.


2022-06-23 14:18

developer   ~0068659

Implemented in

Custom items can be configured in Options > Layout > Toolbar and are shown as the new line:
image.png (97,378 bytes)   
image.png (97,378 bytes)   


2022-06-24 21:32

developer   ~0068680

Verified 2655

Toolbar is available and working.


2022-07-09 21:41

developer   ~0068794

Last edited: 2022-07-09 21:44

Serious regression against rest of MM.
If no tracks are selected then buttons should be disabled.


2022-07-09 21:42

developer   ~0068795

image-3.png (46,803 bytes)   
image-3.png (46,803 bytes)   


2022-07-15 23:20

developer   ~0068843

Fixed to the same level like in MM4.

i.e. actions like 'Convert Files', 'Auto-Organize' are still performed on whole tracklist of the selected node
while actions like Mood, Tempo, Occassion, Quality, My Rating are performed only on tracks that are selected in the tracklist.

=> Fixed in 5.04.2658


2022-07-16 03:45

reporter   ~0068845

Nice addition, but can there be a toggle control on the main toolbar to hide|display the secondary toolbar.
eg. something alongside the piano-looking thing at the left, which toggles visibility of the left hand panel.

It would be good if this requested toggle control was invisible if there was an empty "Selected" list for the secondary toolbar.

I tried option "General: Add directory"
I was hoping that it would give me a way to be able to add a directory to a top level share using the Folders node, when coming from a Pin of the top level Share ... there is no way to do this in MM5 at the moment. This has to be done outside MM5 in Microsoft File Explorer.

The "General: Add directory" option seems to be connected to the wrong action, or the option name is misleading.
It asks for a podcast directory .. ?