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0005165MediaMonkey 4Now Playingpublic2011-03-10 19:14
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Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.1 
Target Version4.1 
Summary0005165: Sorting in Now Playing resets the Play Order
DescriptionIn the Now Playing node/view, whenever the user sorts by any column, the Play order is changed. This is almost certainly not the intended result of a sort.

What would be expected is behavior identical to that implemented with Playlists:
-Sort by any column --> Tracks are displayed in a different order, but PlayOrder is not changed (i.e. numbers in the Play order column become out of order)
-Sort by Play Order column --> tracks are displayed in the order in which they'll play
-Right click to Play Order column > Update Play Order / F5 --> Play order is changed.
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Fixed in build


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2009-01-20 20:54

administrator   ~0016317

Note: this issue was discussed in 0004874 and there's internal debate that needs to be resolved re. whether 'undo' is a good enough means of avoiding the issue described here, and whether it makes sense to have a different implementation for Playlists and Now Playing.


2011-02-01 05:01

administrator   ~0022743

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Discussed again at:

Option 1: Sort NP affects play order by default
==> 1-click re-ordering, but causes accidental re-ordering that requires extra clicks (undo) for re-ordering
==> Tracks added subsequent to the sort aren't sorted (which means that feedback is required to indicate that a sort occurs, but such feedback shouldn't persist)
==> It's inconsistent with the Playlist UI

Option 2: Sort NP sorts display order only (and not play order)
==> Multiple clicks to sort and re-set play order based on the sort
==> More standard UI that's consistent with the Playlist UI

I tend towards option 2 because it's more consistent, and because 'undo' functionality isn't that obvious in MM.