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0005024MediaMonkey 4Properties/Auto-Toolspublic2015-02-05 15:13
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
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Product Version3.1 
Target Version4.0.7 
Summary0005024: Advanced queries based on dates relative to the present
DescriptionThis was originally raised in 0004609 by Bex.

4) I miss a PresentYear (if introduced perhaps rename Present to PresentDate).
LastYear would also be nice but even better if you could add "modifiers" after PresentYear/PresentDate. I.e -X Year,Month,Week,Day
Example: (Date='2008-12-10')
PresentYear -2 Year = 2006
PresentDate -2 Month = 2006-10-10

That would also take care of point 2 above (Years ago condition).

5) It would also be nice to be able to search specific dates in the other date fields that exists: (It has been requested.)
 - Added
 - Last Played
 - Timestamp (shouldn't this be renamed to File Modified? Both here and in the main window.)
I also miss Track Modified in the search as well as in the main window.
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Fixed in build


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2009-10-03 15:05

developer   ~0019049

Last edited: 2009-10-03 15:06

Reminder sent to: jiri, rusty

Re 4)
I would rather resolve this by adding new following checkbox:

[x] Relative to present

By checking this checkbox and selecting
['Date','>','2007'] will mean that after year the condition will be automatically changed to

['Date','between','1.1.2007;1.7.2007'] will mean that after week the condition will be automatically changed to

This way we will give users the maximal flexibility and UI complexity will retain at the almost same level.

Re 5)
I agree on both that we should join the conditions for 'Date', 'Added', 'Last Played' and 'Timestamp' in order to give users more flexibility.
And that we should rename 'Timestamp' to 'File Modified'

Rusty, Jiri, what do you think?


2009-10-05 21:37

administrator   ~0019075

Re. 4) I believe that 'Relative to present' would be quite unintuitive, and even more confusing when it came time to editing a query. That said, the original proposal would probably result in a fairly messy UI.

5) Has been moved to 0006022 and 0005215


2009-10-06 11:10

developer   ~0019084

Last edited: 2009-10-06 11:11

If you think that 'Relative to present' would be unintuitive then I would suggest to add the conditions
'> (days ago)'
'< (years ago)'

, it could be more intuitive, but would add amout of new conditions.

Nevertheless it would be better than the original proposal, as you said "The original proposal would probably result in a fairly messy UI."


2011-02-14 02:46

administrator   ~0023060

Queries based on dates relative to the present has already been implemented for Added, Last Played, Timestamp fileds (in the manner suggested by Ludek in the previous comment).

It hasn't been implemented for Date, though (probably only the 'years' ago options are relevant, though).

p.s. It would be fine to change 'timestamp' to 'Date Modified'.