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0018292MMW 5Extensions (bundled)public2022-10-02 19:36
Reporterdrakinite Assigned To 
PriorityurgentSeverityfeatureReproducibilityunable to reproduce
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0.1 
Target Version5.0.3Fixed in Version5.0.3 
Summary0018292: Case Checker: Allow custom strings to force capitalization
DescriptionUser has requested the ability to add the ability to specify their own strings to force capitalization patterns, such as SuidAkra. As it would be a pain for the user to edit the script themselves, and it is pretty simple to implement, it makes sense to add this feature to the built-in addon.
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Fixed in build2616


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2021-09-13 19:17

developer   ~0064590

Added for 2502. Assigning to Rusty to evaluate the new strings:
- "Custom strings to force capitalization:"
- "Here you can provide custom strings, like names, to force your own capitalization. Separate them with a pipe | symbol."

Note that although the tooltip says "Separate them with a pipe | symbol", I made it so that the user can enter comma-separated or semicolon-separated values and it'll change the separator to a pipe.


2021-10-11 16:29

administrator   ~0065106

a) Custom strings to force capitalization:
Always customize case for these words: Mr|Mrs|OK

(I don't think a tooltip is needed with the revised text, as long as commas, |, or ' ' is supported as a separator)

b) It's not obvious that clicking 'OK' edits the fields. I would suggest also changing:

c) Future Change:
Case Checker
Edit capitalization

Suggested changes:
2) The script already edits the case of articles appearing mid-string. Would it make sense for this to be configurable so that it's useful for other languages? e.g.:
Customize case for these words in mid-string: a an and as at but by feat for from in into mid nor of off on onto or over per the to via with

3) Would it be possible to have checkboxes next to each track to allow users to accept/reject changes (working similarly to Auto-tag)? If yes, add an additional string and change the font size (like in Auto-tag):
Recommended changes to capitalization
Recommended changes to capitalization. Choose which files to update:


2021-10-19 01:25

administrator   ~0065303

Raised priority so that at least the new strings are updated for 5.0.2.


2021-10-24 00:23

developer   ~0065472

Strings updated in build 2512. Deferring the other features to 5.0.3.


2021-10-24 01:08

developer   ~0065475

Added two strings for 0018363: Lowercase common short words, Capitalize common abbreviations.

Also, perhaps "Specify custom case for these words" is better than "Always customize case for these words"?


2021-10-24 22:39

administrator   ~0065481

How about: How about 'Customize case for these words'
Re. offline comment: about using 'OK' instead of Tag:
'OK' would be fine if the dialog would communicate that it's editing track properties e.g.

Recommended changes to capitalization
Recommended changes to capitalization
Update properties ? (note: this is an existing string)


Recommended changes to capitalization
Highlighted fields will be updated (note: this is a new string)


2021-11-02 17:50

developer   ~0065647

Strings updated in 2514.

Header is now: "Recommended changes to capitalization - Update properties?" [two separate strings: "Recommended changes to capitalization" and "Update properties"]
and the custom case string is now "Customize case for these words"


2022-03-13 05:39

developer   ~0067273

Last edited: 2022-03-13 05:39

Overhauled Case Checker's appearance & made it display as a list view with checkboxes. Took heavy inspiration from Auto-Tag to define its behavior, in order to provide a more cohesive experience for the user.
Header is now "Recommended changes to capitalization - Choose which files to update:"


2022-03-18 16:51

developer   ~0067337

Verified functionality in 2611

Left resolved for language and header text confirmation.


2022-03-18 17:49

developer   ~0067347

Last edited: 2022-03-18 17:51

Reopen Check boxes are not aligned.

If possible Check Box column should not be resizable.


2022-03-18 17:49

developer   ~0067348

image.png (3,863 bytes)   
image.png (3,863 bytes)   


2022-04-14 23:31

developer   ~0067551

Re checkbox alignment: Updated Metro M to fix it.
Re checkbox resizing: As it's not currently possible to specify individual columns as non resizable, this is out of the scope for 5.0.3. Maybe it can be added as a feature for 5.1+.


2022-04-20 23:20

developer   ~0067648

Verified 2616 Alignment fixed.

Re checkbox resizing: Ok, if that was not trivial we will leave as is. We can open new bug for 5.1 if needed.