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0017836MediaMonkey 5Otherpublic2021-07-12 21:07
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionnot fixable 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.1Fixed in Version5.0.1 
Summary0017836: Web > AllMusic hangs MM / Other nodes cause abnormal termination
DescriptionWhen opening AllMusic in the Web node in MediaMonkey the whole program hangs.
Additional InformationTicket 1455 1616 1667 2107
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Fixed in build2403


related to 0017120 closedLudek Remove HD tracks from MM 
related to 0016256 closedpetr Improve default sites in Webnodes list 
related to 0016159 closedpetr Web node issues (including freeze) 
related to 0018066 newpetr Expand Web node functionality 



2021-05-10 13:46

developer   ~0063118

I can confirm, accessing Web > All music
=> memory utilized by MM5 grows constantly, UI is frozen and crash log is generated after 30 seconds


2021-05-10 14:13

developer   ~0063119

Last edited: 2021-05-10 14:15

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So far I haven't found why accessing '' causes whole UI thread to freeze, probably something from the amount of advertisements or pop-up windows on the AllMusic site somehow hooks the renderer process.

As a short term solution for I removed 'All' from MediaMonkey > Web bookmarks.
=> Fixed in

As for the long term solution: Currently we use embedded window for opening the web bookmarks, it would be probably better to take the Chrome's approach and start separate process for each third party web site?
Assigned to Petr for evaluation/revision post 5.0.1


2021-05-11 19:51

administrator   ~0063138

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Verified that the node is removed from 2403. However,

We may want to re-examine this for 5.0.1 since there's a related issue for the other web nodes in which visiting them causes MM to terminate abnormally:
1 run MM
2 Navigate to the amazon or iheart node and stay there for a few seconds)
3 Close MM
--> it takes > 30s to close (in contrast to < 5s normally) !


2021-05-12 18:29

developer   ~0063153

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Petr indicated that the freeze happens even with the Chromium's sample app.

But we cannot replicate the 30s to close issue, assigned to Rusty to generate log/video.

Also, can you test whether it is replicable with release (non-debug) build ?


2021-05-20 01:12

administrator   ~0063305

I'm no longer able to replicate the 30s to close issue. Re-assigning to Petr for triage (i.e. is the issue considered fixed or are additional changes planned in the future so that allmusic works correctly).


2021-05-20 13:17

developer   ~0063317

Based on fact that chromium sample app freezes as well while opening page it can be hard to find a solution .. so for now i will not do anything with that.


2021-05-26 16:37

developer   ~0063497

If a user happens on this crash, the following should get user out of restart crash loop:
1) Start MediaMonkey
2) Click any node in the Media Tree immediately
3) Close MediaMonkey immediately after
Then restarting MediaMonkey will work