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0016522MediaMonkey 5Properties/Auto-Toolspublic2020-10-14 05:03
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.1 
Summary0016522: Make it easier for users to understand what metadata fits into each field for AudioBooks
Description1. Unlike podcasts where instead of Album we show Podcast and Album is in all UI elements replaced as Podcasts (Including Tree Icons , Search, Properties, ...) Audio Books are handled and Normal Music Albums, We should change that and for Audio Books we should do the same (Including Tree Icons , Search, Properties, ...)

Audio Books should be handled more like Podcasts and have similar options/view where there will be clearly shown what was unplayed, downloaded, Audio Books Directories, ... as it will improve user experience.

Attached both Audio Books and Podcast browser pictures showing differences.

2. In Advanced Search also do not have criteria AudioBook where Podcast is available. Not sure about other types but Audio Books and Podcasts are specific.
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Fixed in build


related to 0015998 closedpetr Sort indicators are missing/labelled incorrectly outside of music views 



2020-04-17 11:56


Audio Books Browsing.png (98,177 bytes)   
Audio Books Browsing.png (98,177 bytes)   
Podcast browsing.png (100,649 bytes)   
Podcast browsing.png (100,649 bytes)   


2020-04-17 11:58


AudioBooks criteria.png (121,569 bytes)   
AudioBooks criteria.png (121,569 bytes)   


2020-09-17 23:03

administrator   ~0059597

Regarding 1) I think that most users use 'Audiobooks' for anything that is spoken. e.g. for Audiobooks, Comedies, Course Lectures, Speeches, etc.).

With that in mind, we might want to consider the following changes:
Audiobooks --> Spoken Word

Note: I had originally also thought about the following changes, but realized that they would be limiting in terms of how users use MM for the various types of spoken word usecases.
Album --> Book/Album (not great because the string is too big.)
Artist --> Author/Artist (not great because the string is too big but Author would be too limiting)
Album Artist --> Album Author/Artist (string is too big)


2020-09-18 16:33

administrator   ~0059600

There was some offline discussion re. field names and the conclusion seemed to be that there isn't much benefit in changing most of the names because doing so would make the headers verbose and/or less applicable to other forms of Spoken Word audio (lectures, courses, comedy, etc.).

With that in mind, the suggested approach would be to:
1) take the same approach as is used with Classical music i.e. to include descriptive text next to the following field names in the Properties dialog without changing the headers:
Title (title; episode title)
Artist(s) (narrator; performer)
Album (book title; course title; performance)
Album Artist(s) (author; performer)
Track# (part; chapter)

2) Within AudioBook views that display tracks, add (by default) a play 'Status' indicator column to the left of 'Title' (similar to the indicator that appears in the Podcast > Subscriptions > <SubscriptionName> view).

3) If possible, the 'Play' button that appears in the 'Info panel' of Album views should initiate playback from the last played bookmark. Ideally, it should indicate the 'Next up' track that will continue playing so that the user can see what's going to play.

Possible changes to consider in the future:
4)Change Type and Node:
Audiobooks --> Spoken Audio
note: this isn't critical, and shouldn't be done if it's complicated